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Styling at 365Hangers Style-A-Thon

If you know me, then you know I’m kind of a worrier. I tend to stress myself out over little things…sometimes. When I was asked to be one of the bloggers to style a few models for a spring themed runway show at the Style-A-Thon, I immediately said Yes! Then I sat back and thought about it…what am I doing? Why did I agree to this? I’ve never done anything like this before, so of course I felt out of my league.

Yesterday, I styled two models and I realized I made a lot out of nothing. That’s me! LOL! Ugh…I don’t know why I do this to myself. Thank goodness for amazing friends. They are so amazingly supportive and helpful. And a big THANK YOU to Robin and Shalon for walking in the show for me. Shalon wore a beautiful DKNYC wrap dress and Robin rocked a Jessica Simpson floral dress (both available at And they both worked that runway! It was a lot of fun. 

The event was held at Space 1520 in Los Angeles on a drizzly morning, but thank goodness the sun came out! There was music and shopping. Belina, Dama Handbags, Nicolita, and Mr. Kate were on hand. We had snacks from PopChips, drinks from Dry Soda Co., and candy from The Candy Chef! And don’t get me started on my amazing gift bag. Lots of goodies from Argo Tea, Dama Handbags, NCLA, Pure Ice, Chipkos, The Candy Chef, and Mr. Kate. Thank you to the entire team…especially Sasha and Ferial. xoxo

Here are some pics I took…had a little fun when editing them. LOL! Hope you like!

My AMAZINGLY beautiful models, Shalon and Robin.

Disclosure: I did receive a complimentary gift bag at this event.

Los Angeles Event: Style-A-Thon

Hello my loves! I hope you had an amazing weekend. If you did…yay! If you didn’t…boo! I hope this Monday is a lot better for you. Don’t have “a case of the Monday’s.” LOL! I guess lack of sleep is making me a little silly right now.

Anyways…I wanted to share an event I’m participating in this Saturday, March 31st. I will be one of four bloggers helping to style a fashion show at the 365Hangers Style-A-Thon here in Los Angeles. I will send three beautiful models down the runway wearing fashion from is an awesome place to score women’s designer fashion at sample sale prices. Seriously…you wouldn’t even believe how amazing the prices are. As of right now, they only offer up to a size 16, but I think there may be bigger sizes in their future (crossing fingers).

If you live in Los Angeles, I’d love to see you! The event is FREE, but you should RSVP here. There will be shopping and complimentary manis. Let me know if you’re going!! Thank you in advance for your support…as always! xoxo