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Full Figured Fashion Week “Soiree”

“Soiree” is French for “evening party.” A party in New York City? That’s sounds just about right for this next Full Figured Fashion Week event.

We want to invite you to come out and “join us for an “end of the work week” wind down. Mix, mingle, sip, and chat with in a social setting while continuing our monumental celebration of curves and fashion.”

The Soiree, held on Friday June 17th, is the official night of networking for plus industry officials and the Full Figured and Fabulous runway competition. The contestants will show us their runway skills for chance to win prizes in excess of $5000! What amazing and fierce model will take home the crown?

Make sure you get your tickets! They are only $25 and can be purchased here. I heard they are selling out quickly. According to my countdown, there are only 22 days until FFFWeek!! Are you ready? 

Casual Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday was a really great day. I went to church, made brunch, did some work, and headed out to Torrid’s 10th birthday bash with my girlie Ivory (check out her blog here). This is the outfit I wore earlier in the day. I didn’t know what to wear in the morning, so I searched all the way in the back of my closet for this blazer from Lane Bryant. I wore my new Levis Curve ID jeans with these BCBG platforms I got at Ross on sale! It was my first time wearing them, so I still have some breaking in to do. My jewelery is from Avenue and Reah’s yard sale. I picked up the sunglasses at Forever 21 in Chicago, love them! I’ll post pics from the Torrid birthday bash tomorrow!  

Spring Sandal Giveaway #4 – Ashley Stewart

This is the final Spring Sandal giveaway for 2011! Congrats to all the winners. And thank you to all of you who’ve entered. Stay tuned for next month’s giveaways!

Now, here’s your last chance to win a pair of sandals. And of course it would be courtesy of everyone’s favorite store, Ashley Stewart.

They have been providing us with plus size fashion since the 1990’s and they haven’t looked back. One lucky winner will walk away with a free pair of their chic sandals.

To enter, leave a comment below, telling us why you love Ashley Stewart. Make sure you leave a valid email address or your entry will not count.

For extra entries: (make sure you leave each extra entry as a separate comment or it will not count)
Follow Ashley Stewart on Twitter
“Like” Ashley Stewart on Facebook
-Tweet “Win a pair of @_Ashley_Stewart sandals with @CurvesandChaos #SpringSandalGiveaway

Rules: Only one entry per person, unless using the 3 extra entries, making it 4 entries max. Must be a U.S. resident and 18 years or older. Winner will be chosen using and will end 5/29/11.

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Ashley Stewart, prizes are subject to availability. 

Giveaway Closed

Individually Fashionable

If there’s one thing I love about all my fashionista friends it’s their individuality. Fashion to them isn’t just about getting dressed for the day, it’s about expressing who they are. Besides, long gone are the days of the old fashion faux pas. When was the last time you matched your shoes to your handbag?

Today, trends like mixing prints and color blocking prove that it’s OK to be fashionably different. Although, there are some trends I wouldn’t wear, I applaud those who have what it takes to pull it off. This makes my friends individually fashionable.

And if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know I’m slowly trying to come out of my fashion comfort zone. Baby steps! I can only do that with the friends I have. You know who you are! They continue to inspire me with their style and are honest with me when I need their opinion. This gives me the confidence I need to be a little more daring.

Keep it up gutsy fashionistas! You continue to inspire fashion lovers like me.

Who inspires you to be individually fashionable? 

China Glaze’s Cha Cha Cha

As the fourth color I’ve worn in the Island Escape collection, China Glaze’s Cha Cha Cha reminds me a lot of the shoes I just posted about (below).

I was kind of worried about this color. I thought it was a dark green, but it turns out it’s a lot lighter than I thought if would be. It probably has to do with it’s shimmer and light glitter base. Actually, it reminds me of a parrot. LOL. Maybe it’s the whole island theme. Oh, and I made sure to coat my nails with China Glaze’s No Chip Top Coat. It does wonders.

The color really is growing on me. It’s such a fun way to add some color into my life, which I always need. OK, now I’m thinking it’s a sour apple kind of color? What do you think?

Do you love China Glaze’s Cha Cha Cha? 

Disclosure: The nail polish was gifted by China Glaze. The above is my true and honest opinion. 

Green with Envy

I’m in the mood for color, as you can tell. First coral, now this lime green “Intense Sandal” by Two Lips. A statement shoe like this could really brighten up any outfit. Especially, an all white ensemble. I have decided I really need these in my closet. What do you think? Read more

Seeing Coral with ASOS Curve

If there’s one color that compliments any skin tone, I’d have to say it’s coral. This mix between pink and orange is definitely a year-round color. ASOS knows that it is too. This is one of my favorite colors to wear. Just look at all the pieces below. I will admit, I want them all. When don’t I? Fashion is so addicting! LOL

Full Figured Fashion Week Designer: Marina Zelner of Queen Grace Collection

According to my Full Figured Fashion Week countdown, there are only 28 days left to nothing but fabulousness in New York City. Eeek! I can’t wait! Yes, that was an “eek” from me. I say stuff like that when I am extremely excited about fashion.

I’m looking forward to all the designers that are going to make their presence and feature their designs at FFFWeek.

One of the fashion designers that will be a part of the much anticipated finale runway showcase, will be Marina Zelner of Queen Grace Collection.

Zelner is the founder of Queen Grace and is also a full-figured stylist. According to her bio, she “believes that inspired, graceful, and elegant clothing should no longer be elusive to full-figured women.” Amen to that!

Here are a few of the Queen Grace (left) designs for the debut of her Fall 2011 collection. “Every piece in the collection exemplifies the freedom, confidence, strength and beauty of a contemporary woman.”

 Make sure you hurry and buy your tickets before they sell out, because you don’t want to miss out on Queen Grace debuting at FFFWeek! Be one of the first to see this collection and all the other designers looks gracing the runway.

Buy your tickets here!

Spring Sandal Giveaway #3 – You by crocs™

When you hear the name crocs™, you probably think of the the clogs that have swept the nation. But, these are not your ordinary crocs™.

You by crocs™ was created by designer Samantha Bryan . She wanted to combine the comfort of crocs™ and add fashionable styles into one shoe. And she’s definitely done it. Thank goodness!

I own a pair of the Mimilita wedges and I can’t even express how amazingly comfortable they are. I swear on all things fashion, that when I put them on, I felt like I was walking on cushions.

Who wouldn’t want a shoe that is not only chic, but functional and comfortable? I know you do! That’s why You by crocs™ is giving away one lucky reader a pair of their sandals!

To enter, leave a comment below telling us why you want to win a pair of You by crocs™ sandals. Make sure you leave a valid email address or your entry will not count.

Extra entry: (make sure you leave each extra entry as a separate comment or it will not count)
Follow You by crocs™ on Twitter.
“Like” You by crocs™ on Facebook (tell them Curves and Chaos sent you)
-Tweet ” Win a pair of @Youbycrocs sandals with @CurvesandChaos #SpringSandalGiveaway

Rules: only one entry per person, unless using the 3 additional entries (4 entries total). US residents only. You must be 18 years old or older to enter. Winner will be chosen using Ends 5/21/11.

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by You by crocs™. The above is my true and honest opinion. 

Giveaway Closed

Why You Should Love Yard Sales

I’ve been going to yard sales (a.k.a rummage sales and garage sales) since I was little kid and I’ve even hosted a few. And now that summer is almost here, there are going to be tons of them and I can’t wait. This morning I attended one held by Stylist Reah Norman. Now, if you’re going to attend a yard sale, you definitely want to go to one held by a stylist. Reah is a close friend of mine, so I made sure to go and support her. Oh…I also wanted to do some shopping. I walked out with three tops, a dress, a scarf, a bracelet, and a pair of shoes for $35! I was definitely a happy shopper.

After I left, I started thinking how awesome yard sales are. If you call yourself a bargainista and you’ve never been to one…well…let’s just say you’re not really a full fledged bargainista. LOL. Here are my reasons why you should love yard sales.

  • Low Low Prices-The whole idea of going to yard sales is to buy items at low prices. These are things the person hosting it doesn’t want anymore, so you might even have a chance to negotiate on prices as well. 
  • You’re Going Green-When you buy an item, you’re saving it from going into the landfill. Therefore you’re reusing it and that makes the planet happy. 
  • Vintage Finds-You never know what you’ll come across at yard sales, especially if it’s an estate sale. People have found unique and valuable items just by rummaging through boxes people pull out of their garages. 
  • No Pressure-It’s all about leisurely shopping, just walking around and taking your time. And no one will make you feel bad if you leave without buying anything.
  • Happiness-You’re giving an article of clothing a second chance to make you look fashionable. And in the end,  that leads to happy clothes and a happier you. 
What do you love the most about yard sales?