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City Chic’s Denim Inspiration

I think I have to get my hands on a denim vest! I found these pics on City Chic’s Inside City Chic blog. These are only two of the lovely looks from their new “lady like lookbook.” I love the ruggedness of the denim and the delicate touch the flowers give the outfit. A great combination!

Spring Trends: Denim

When I think of denim, the first thing that comes to mind is a great pair of jeans. If you’re the same way, you might want to rethink denim this spring. It’s coming at ya’ in the form of jewelry, dresses, skirts, shoes, and jackets. Are you ready?**My fave is #2 the Denim Allure Dress by F21. I wanted to buy it this weekend but they only one left and it was too small! My golden rule: Don’t do denim head to toe. Add one piece and work around it. You don’t want to look like a denim factory threw…

Dark Denim under $50

There’s nothing better than a great pair of jeans! You know what’s better? Finding them at a reasonable price! You know what’s even better than than that? Dark denim jeans at a reasonable price! A pair of dark denim jeans can be dressed up for a night on the town or paired with your favorite comfy tee. Need a pair of dark denim jeans? No problem. Check out the deals I found below!

Introducing Boutique+ from JCPenney

Sponsored by JCPenney. The struggle that is plus size fashion has been one that we are way too familiar with. I will admit that today, compared to when I first started blogging in 2010, we have a lot more clothing options. Yet, a lot of us are still feeling like we are left out. That’s why I’m am so happy to be able to share with you one of the latest plus size clothing launches from JCPenney—Boutique+. Available exclusively at JCPenney, in-stores and online, their new collection is chic with a contemporary edge. I’m sure there is a little something for…

Style Trend Bomber Jackets

Where do I even begin? First, you should know that I owned a black bomber jacket when I was in my late teens. The old school style with the orange on the inside. Originally worn by pilots, the bomber jacket has gone through it’s share of changes. I guess you can say it has and continues to evolve to where it is today as the latest spring trend. Known distinctly by it’s boxy silhouette and flat collar, you’ll see that the bomber jacket is available in a range of colors, prints, and materials. I seriously just ordered the New Look Inspire Sateen…

15 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Don’t panic guys! You still have time to buy the favorite mom in your life a gift for Mother’s Day. Although, we know that they should be honored every day. Excuse me while I try to win some bonus points with my mama (hi ma!). I put together a little Mother’s Day gift guide featuring 15 things I think would make great gifts (besides a spa day or vacation obviously). When you head out shopping, remember to always think of her first. What would fit her lifestyle, personality, needs, and style? Consider all of these things when buying her gift. And…