Vintage Curves: LA Vintage

I love checking out vintage fashion. But, will it fit me? LA Vintage to the rescue…they are pretty awesome! Just check out the pieces that caught my eye. They have an amazingly large collection in their “plus-size” department. The condition of the piece and measurements are listed to help you out. I also joined their forum, where you can discuss all things vintage, and I am now following their blog.Bargainistas, they didn’t forget about you.…

Bargainista Finds

I was such a bargain shopper this past weekend! I know I said I might post a video, but it looks like it’s not happening. Sorry. Instead, I am posting a few pics of what I bought. The shoes are by Candie’s and only cost $5!! I know!! They are a plum color and I’ve already broken them in. Bargainista should be my middle name. Also, belts have become my new favorite accessory. The top…

McQueen, Chanel, & Valentino

Alexander McQueen’s final collection, Chanel’s obvious weather statement, and Valentino’s ruffles make Paris Fashion Week all it’s hyped up to be. But, take a look for yourself. Let me know what you think. I am in love with Valentino’s collection…Chanel has me puzzled, and Alexander McQueen left me wanting more.Alexander McQueen Fall 2010Chanel Fall 2010Valentino Fall 2010{}

A Fashion Poll

There is one thing I can’t stand! Being told what prints a curvy woman should and shouldn’t wear. I believe we can wear anything, as long as it’s in moderation. That goes for non-curvy women as well. I just wanted to get an idea of what you think. Please take a second to answer the poll. Thanks! As a curvy gal, what fashion prints do you try to stay away from?surveys

It’s Monday?

Hey beauties!You’re going to have to excuse me today. I definitely have a case of the Mondays! I am soooooo pooped. It was a very fun-filled and exhausting weekend.I spent a lot of time with family and even got some shopping done…as you can see in the pic. That’s a new dress I picked up, with my favorite leggings and boots. I wore that to a family function with my black cardigan. It was super…

Spring Trends: Tie Dye

You don’t have to love the 1960’s to appreciate tie-dye. It’s easy to wear, without looking like you’re headed to Woodstock.Tie-Dye is already making a comeback. I guess we can’t enough of the psychedelic print! It’s definitely a fun print and can easily be found at your local thrift store, if you’re a bargain shopper like me. If you’re a daring and crafty fashionista, you might even attempt to create your own tie-dye fashion pieces!…

Wish List: Torrid

I’m broke as a joke…so I will e-window shop…again. I was browsing the Torrid web site and I fell for these 4 pieces. Oh Torrid…why must you be a little too pricey for this blogger on a budget? It’s ok…I will survive. I’m hitting up the Goodwill tomorrow to see what I can find. That will hold me over until the weekend. My name is Monique and I’m a shopaholic!

Accessorize with Wood

It’s almost spring! I bet you can’t wait. I’ve been in an accessory frenzy…as you can tell. I am on the look out for wooden accessories to add to my spring wardrobe. I love to pair them with anything in an earth tone. I am drooling over all of these pieces.