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Accessorize with Wood

It’s almost spring! I bet you can’t wait. I’ve been in an accessory frenzy…as you can tell. I am on the look out for wooden accessories to add to my spring wardrobe. I love to pair them with anything in an earth tone. I am drooling over all of these pieces.

Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

Beauty Alert: Tarina Tarantino for Sephora

If you couldn’t already tell, Tarina Tarantino is all about the color pink! I’ve met her and she’s really sweet! That’s the day I met Hello Kitty…that’s a whole other story! Lol.

Tarina is so bold and creative, it only makes sense she would start a product line with Sephora. Not only is she a make-up artist, but she creates and designs the most amazing accessories!

“Being different, being unique, being an individual and creating your own style is what TARINA TARANTINO is all about,” she says. “It should look good on you and look good while you are putting it on.”

Take a peek at the Beauty Book below! Discover her sparkly world here.

Milan Fashion Week Recap has this great recap of Milan Fall 2010 fashion week. I wish I could have been there. One day I know I will be. Yes, I have been to Milan…Ok…I’ve been to the Milan train station for about an hour on my way to France. Does that count? Lol.

It’s a blah day…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I finally bought a new camera and a tripod to go with it. But, I’m not happy with the way I look in any of today’s photos. That’s why you only see the top half of me. Don’t mind the double chin. Lol. I’m not loving myself right now. So blah! Anywhooo…it’s a case of the Wednesdays. The empire top and flats I’m wearing are old, but comfy and my pretty cousin Arlene gave me the necklace for Christmas. I love the little black bow on it. I’m wearing black leggings btw, which I can’t get enough of. Ok ladies…off to have Chinese food for dinner at my fave spot. Toodles!!

H&M Petition

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Dear H&M,

I am going to keep this short and to the point. As a woman and a huge fan of yours, I am urging you to make sizes larger than a 12 (US) available in your United States stores. Being that the average size of the American woman is a 14, it would only make sense for your company to stock these sizes. It would also make a lot of us very happy.

I know you have a plus-size line available in other countries and I’m sure it does very well. This would not only benefit us fashion-savvy curvy women, but it would benefit you financially ($$$).

To show you, this is not just a one woman requests, I am asking all of those who agree to leave a comment with their first name and the state/country where they reside.

Thank you,


P.S Please pass this on via email, tweet, facebook, or whatever you use. Thanks!
{image: h&m}

Ring & Bling

I love a good ring. You know…one that makes a statement with it’s sparkle.

These long shield rings have caught my attention. My only problem? The big hands I inherited from my dad! Most don’t fit me. But, that’s OK. For now, I’ll just have to look. Lol.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Thank You!

Thank you, to all the lovely ladies that participated in the lingerie survey. I really appreciate your input. I will keep you updated on any news involving us curvy gals! Thanks a bunch!!


Betsey Johnson Sexy

I knew there was a reason I loved Betsey Johnson. I was e-window shopping on…like always, and I fell in love. She really knows the female body. Now, if only we could get her regular line in plus size. Here’s to wishful thinking.

Tulle Pretty

When you think of tulle, a wedding dress is probably the first think that comes to mind. Don’t worry pretty princesses, you can now wear it without saying “I do.” If you’re a crafty curvy chick, you can probably make the earrings and necklace yourself. Let me know if you do.