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Ring & Bling

I love a good ring. You know…one that makes a statement with it’s sparkle.

These long shield rings have caught my attention. My only problem? The big hands I inherited from my dad! Most don’t fit me. But, that’s OK. For now, I’ll just have to look. Lol.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Thank You!

Thank you, to all the lovely ladies that participated in the lingerie survey. I really appreciate your input. I will keep you updated on any news involving us curvy gals! Thanks a bunch!!


Betsey Johnson Sexy

I knew there was a reason I loved Betsey Johnson. I was e-window shopping on…like always, and I fell in love. She really knows the female body. Now, if only we could get her regular line in plus size. Here’s to wishful thinking.

Tulle Pretty

When you think of tulle, a wedding dress is probably the first think that comes to mind. Don’t worry pretty princesses, you can now wear it without saying “I do.” If you’re a crafty curvy chick, you can probably make the earrings and necklace yourself. Let me know if you do.

Saturday Night Rant

It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting here watching The Bad Girls Club. I’m feeling all feisty right now! Lol. If you live in L.A. and listen to KDay…only one of the best radio stations EVER, then you’ve heard that dumb Lap Band commercial. I can’t stand it!! It goes a little something like this…

Guy:”Wow Bridget, you look so skinny! I can’t believe you ever weighed that much weight!”

Girl: “Oh thank you! See these two gallon jugs of water I’m holding? That’s how much weight I lost!”

Guy: “What is your favorite thing to do now that you’re skinny?”

Girl: “I get to go shopping at all the fun stores!”

Come on!!! Are you kidding me? I despise that commercial. Too bad all of us non-skinny people don’t get to shop at fun stores! Ugggghhh!! Kiss my BIG OL’ BOOTY Lab Band! You bite!

Thank you. I’m done.

A day well spent…

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Today was a beautiful day! I spent the day with my mom, dad, and my little brother. My parents are divorced so spending time with both at the same time is rare. Look at the cute dress my mom gave me! She’s too sweet.

We had lunch together, then spent a couple of hours at thrift stores.Yay! Bargain shopping at its best. I dressed super comfy, in my favorite boots of course. Very casual…kinda boring actually. I wanted to add a simple scarf, but it was a little warm here in L.A. I found a lot of great things, but I’m in a “what I need” more than “what I want” shopping mode. I picked up that cargo blazer and two skinny belts. Spent a total of $8!! I think I might head out again this weekend. Wish me luck!

Spring Trends: Coral

What’s the difference between coral and orange you say? Coral has a touch of pink or red hue. Let’s not worry about that…let’s just enjoy this vibrant color in our spring wardrobes. There’s nothing like a splash of color to wake up the fashion senses.

I’ve had my eye on #3 for about two weeks now. I think I’m going to go and grab it before it’s gone. And don’t get me started on #5!! Love love love coral.

My golden rule: Don’t let bright colors frighten you! Even if it’s a pair of shoes or a rockin’ handbag, wear it proud!

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Designer Details: Fendi

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Fendi never disappoints when it comes to their accessories. Their Fall 2010 handbags are no exception. The Milan runway showcased the gorgeous Fendi design with classic silhouettes and pops of color. I’m banking on mustard as the “it” color for fall. What do you think?


Vogue goes Curvy!

I have just found my new indulgence…are you ready for this? Vogue Curvy!!! Featuring all “curvy” models, this web site was launched by Vogue Italia and couldn’t be more fantabulous! Of course you will see faces like Crystal Renn and Lizzie Miller…gorgeous. You know what? Just take a look at it. My description won’t do it justice. Enjoy!

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