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The Holiday Dress Giveaway! Dress #1

The Holiday Dress Giveaway is here! Yay! Every week until mid-December, I’m giving you a chance to win your holiday dress! Yes, I am a festive holiday-loving person! This week, this dress is courtesy of ME! I was shopping at Ross (one of my bargainsita faves) for a dress to wear on New Year’s Eve and I saw this beauty below!

It’s an R&M Richards (size 24 only!) and it retails for $79, but Ross is selling it for $29. They didn’t have my size (boo!), but I couldn’t let it go. I felt that someone should have it. I’m sorry, but the pictures do not do this dress justice. It really sparkles and would make a fab NYE dress! Read below for details on how to enter!

To Enter: Leave a comment, along with a valid email address, telling me what your favorite holiday “go to” look is. Is it your fave sequin dress? Do you wear candy cane earrings? Mistletoe?

Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents and only one entry per person. Ends 11/21/10.

Giveaway Closed!

The Art of Jewelry I

When do you consider jewelry to be a piece of art? Does it have to stand out? Make a statement? Catch every passerby’s attention? When I wear a piece of jewelry I would like it to do all of the above. Sometimes, I’m not so brave. But, I’m about to change that. I will now be on the lookout for those special pieces. Here are a few that have made the cut. Most are designer and are out of my price range, but I can sure use them as inspiration. Which one is your fave?

Beauty Review & Giveaway: Johnson’s Baby Oil Body Wash

Would you like to smell as fresh as a baby’s bottom? I do! That’s why I jumped at the chance to review Johnson’s Baby Oil Body Wash. Who wouldn’t want to try a trusted product like this? And you don’t have to be a baby to use it.

Product Info: Johnson’s Baby Oil Body Wash-retails at $3.99 for 13.5 oz

Product Claim: Cleans and helps hydrate dry skin leaving it feeling baby soft. Formulated with Johnson’s Baby Oil to leave skin feeling moisturized all day long. Non-greasy, rich, creamy texture. Dermatologist and allergy-tested.

What I found out: Every time I use this I get a whiff of that baby oil fragrance, without it being overbearing (that reminds me of a baby’s bottom). The body wash seems a little “watered-down” so I was concerned that it wouldn’t lather up right. I was wrong; it lathers up like any other luxurious body wash. It doesn’t leave any residue or that baby oil greasy feel, which I loved. And it definitely made my skin feel softer after 2 weeks of using it.

Would I buy it again? Yes! I love this and the price! It’s $3.59 at Target.

Why it’s your lucky day: One lucky reader will win their own bottle of Johnson’s Baby Oil Body Wash! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you love the most about Johnson’s products. Only one comment per person and you must leave a valid email address. Giveaway ends 11/29/10 and is open to U.S. residents.

**Please read my disclaimer. I was not paid for this post. This is my honest opinion.

A Weekend of Friends & Fashion

 Whew! It’s Monday and I’m exhausted! Seriously! These girls (Reah, Denise, Marie, and Dawn) wore me out! LOL…well regardless I had an amazing weekend.

It all started with my friend Dawn coming over. We spent ALL day Saturday shopping. But, I didn’t really buy anything because the selection for curvy girls…well…there really wasn’t a selection.

I hate to complain, but this was just plain sad. Me…in a mall…and I only bought one thing? You might have read my tweets, but in case you didn’t I was very disappointed in the Macy’s at the Glendale Galleria. The woman’s department was on the third floor, stuck in the corner, under really bad lighting, and the so-called “selection” was definitely lacking.

I was shocked to find a navy blue Alfani top I liked, but I didn’t take an outfit pic. Sorry! Of course there was a Torrid and Lane Bryant…so no complaints there. But, nothing really caught my eye. After our shopping excursion, we heading out for a couple of drinks and dancing in Hollywood. It was fun! On Sunday, I had an amazing brunch with the hubby and Dawn. Then it was off to Target in West Hollywood, to be disappointed AGAIN! They only had 3 racks of plus sizes! Come on! Geez! I think I’m going to start boycotting some retailers until they realize the changes they need to make. Who’s with me?

Anywhoo…Sunday night I headed out to the lovely Chenese Lewis’ birthday party here in L.A. I love that lady…unfortunately I didn’t get a pic with the sparkling birthday girl. I did get to catch up with the girls and we had an amazing time. Everyone looked stunning, of course!

This was the outfit I was going to wear, but I changed my mind at the last minute.

But, can I just say that I LOVE the way this dress fits! It’s from Size Appeal (gifted) and it is an amazing body hugging and curve enhancing dress! I couldn’t help it…the leopard print had me!

I love the whole 80’s vibe I feel when I wear it. I bought this necklace from Target, the leggings are from Bali (gifted), and my shoes are by Jessica Simpson. You might have seen Stylish Curves wearing it. Two different looks, one amazing Size Appeal dress.

The dress retailed for under $40 and there are a lot more like it here.

New & Improved La Grande Dame Web Site!

La Grande Dame is officially launching their newly designed web site tomorrow, Tuesday November 16th!

“The new site isn’t just beautiful, it is easy to use.  Plus, we have designed it to make shopping for plus size clothing easier.  Shoppers can learn about the various body types and then shop for styles that will fit them!.”  Said La Grande Dame Co-founder Michelle Wood.

To celebrate the redesign, from November 16th-23rd, La Grande Dame is giving everyone 20% off the entire site! PLUS doorbusters for the first 50 shoppers. Doorbusters include free merchandise and gift certificates! One lucky shopper will win a $500 shopping spree to La Grande Dame. Even all newsletter subscribers will be entered for a chance to win. Use the coupon code LAUNCH20 for 20% off


“So many women feel they don’t deserve to buy beautiful clothing for themselves until they lose weight or because they are too fat to look good in anything. That’s ridiculous, if women wear clothes made for their particular body type in wonderful fabrics, every woman can look and feel great” exclaims Wood.

Curves and Chaos 2010 Survey Results: Part 2

What do you take into consideration FIRST when purchasing clothing?

Price 43%
Fit 32%
Style 23%
Designer Label 0%
Other 2%

When viewing plus-size retailer’s/designers advertisements, what makes you want to shop with them?

The models they use. 6%
The way the clothes fit on the models. 29%
Their use of “real” women in ads. 23%
The sale or promotion in the ad. 15%
Ads don’t affect me. 26%

Name the #1 reason you continue to shop at your favorite retailer?
The staff. 1%
The availability of stock and sizes. 39%
Their prices. 34%
The quality of the merchandise. 21%
Other 4

How important is it that a retailers staff make you feel comfortable and welcome?
Very Important 54%
Somewhat Important 37%
Not Important 3%
Don’t care either way. 5%

When shopping , what is the ONE MAJOR problem you find in plus-size clothing?

Overall fit 10%
Too tight in chest area. 6%
Too loose in chest area. 4%
Length of pants or dresses are too short. 4%
Length of pants or dresses are too long. 4%
Sizes runs too big for you. 0%
Size run too small for you. 2%
Sleeves are too tight around your upper arms. 8%
The waist area fits awkwardly 11%
I don’t have any problems. 1%
Not trendy enough. 43%
Too trendy. 0%
Other 5%

OOTD: Plaid, Cheap, and Easy?

Oh Target…this is another reason I love you!

I picked up this Converse One Star plaid dress for only $7 on clearance! I will admit it’s around two sizes too big, but nothing a little alteration won’t take care of. Besides if you just tie the strings in the back really tight, you can’t even tell.

This is the first plaid item I’ve bought for myself this season, I didn’t think I’d like it, but I love this dress!! It’s very comfortable and I love the military style brass buttons.

I wore a simple black cardigan, Assets opaque tights, Old Navy brass earrings (which you can’t see), and my boots from last season.

You know I love to keep things simple and easy. And this was! Oh…and the weather is starting to cool down, so I’m extra happy in the pic! LOL

Did someone say SALE?

First I would just like to say Happy Veteran’s Day to all of my military brothers and sisters. A heartfelt thank you to you all!

Now, on to the SALES! I found some of these sales in my inbox and you know I love to share! If you have or know of a sale going on please share in the comments below! Don’t keep the awesomeness to yourself!

Forever 21
Eliza Parker

Lane Bryant
Ashley Stewart
Not a sale but a treat at Sephora!

Curves and Chaos 2010 Survey Results: Part 1

In August I created the First Annual “Curves and Chaos 2010 Survey.” There were 201 responses to this survey. My goal was to get a sense of what other curvy women thought about shopping, brands, and other things that pertain to us in regards to fashion. I will post this in a three part series. 

Part 1

18-24 40%
25-30 33%
31-39 19%
40-50 5%
50-above 3%

Where do you currently live?

United States 76%
United Kingdom 9%
Asia 0%
South America 0%
Africa 0%
Australia 1%
Canada 5%
Europe 5%
Other 2%

What clothing size do you currently wear?

US 12 / UK 14 / AU 16 3%
US 14 / UK 16 / AU 18 11%
US 16 / UK 18 / AU 20 27%
US 18 / UK 20 / AU 22 16%
US 20 / UK 22 / AU 24 12%
US 22 / UK 24 / AU 26 12%
US 24 / UK 26 / AU 28 9%
US 26 / UK 28 / AU 30 3%
US 28 / UK 30 / AU 32 1%
Other 3%

What term do you use when describing plus-size clothing?

Plus-Size 84%
Woman’s 4%
Extended 0%
Generous 0%
Full-Figured 5%
Other 6%

When describing your own body, in physical terms, what do you call yourself?

Plus-Size 13%
Curvy 28%
Chubby 5%
Fat 24%
Thick 5%
Large 2%
Full-Figured 16%
I don’t see myself as a “size.” 1%
Other 3%

How do you prefer to do your clothing shopping?

Online 11%
In-Store 38%
Catalog 0%
All of the Above 49%
I don’t like shopping. 2%

Where do you prefer to buy your clothing? 

Online Retailers 6%
Specialty Boutiques 1%
Plus-Size Only Retailers 12%
Major Department Stores 3%
Discount Stores 3%
Vintage/Thrifting 1%
All of the Above 74%

Part 2 will be released soon…stay tuned.

Sequins Sparkle!

Like I need another reason to sparkle…hee hee…sequins always seem to stand out during the fall and winter seasons. I love wearing them during the holidays and as you saw in the Evans video below Toccara loves them too! Don’t worry if you think they’re too dressy, most of the pieces below are paired with jeans. It’s a great way to add a little “ooh la la” to an outfit. I love the cardigan below. Which one is your favorite?