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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month & T-shirt Giveaway!

Wear your pink ribbons proud! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s time to pay attention! Your breasts will thank you for it!

The truth is breast cancer affects all of us. No matter what your race is. Early detection and awareness is your best bet. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Aside from non-melanoma skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. Breast cancer is the number one cause of cancer death in Hispanic women.It is the second most common cause of cancer death in white, black, Asian/Pacific Islander, and American Indian/Alaska Native women. ”

The goal of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is “to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater access to screening services.”

Unfortunately, most of us know someone who’s been affected by this horrible disease. My aunt lost her battle to breast cancer when I was 19-years-old, to this day I do monthly self-exams. I don’t want to become a statistic; I understand that early detection can be life saving. Make the pledge to save your own life and win a tee from Save the ta-tas®! See below!

With the help of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, I created an “Early Detection Plan.” It will remind me to do a breast self-exams, and attend my clinical breast exams and mammograms. I can be reminded via email, calendar, text messages, and RSS feeds. In this busy world, it is just this easy!

Here’s a chart from the National Breast Cancer Foundation on how to perform a breast self-exam.

Torrid and Save the ta-tas® have even come together to “help raise funds for cancer research while helping women laugh along the way and fight a serious disease.”

“The Save the Ta-tas Foundation and ta-tas® Brand was created by clothing designer Julia Fikse as a way to fight breast cancer using laughter and fun as a way to fight a serious disease. Her playful line of t-shirts and accessories include messages such as “save the ta-tas” and “friends don’t let friends lose ta-tas.”

This weekend, Thursday September 30th – Saturday October 2nd, each Torrid store will have a Breast Cancer Awareness event. You can contact your local Torrid for details.

They also have a special offer going on to help drive donations on September 30th – October 11th. If you donate $5 or more to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (through Torrid) you will get $15 off any pair of jeans! It’s called “Breast Cancer Can Kiss My Booty.” Love it!

And when you buy select Breast Cancer merchandise, 10% of that will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can even make a donation in any amount to NBCF the entire month of October at Torrid.

Take the pledge and win this Save the ta-tas® “Punk Tee”! 
Courtesy of Save the ta-tas®.

All you have to do is leave a comment below, promising me you’ll honor those affected by breast cancer by pledging to perform monthly breast self-exams.

  • Make sure you leave a valid email or twitter i.d. This contest is open internationally. The winner will be chosen November 1st. using
GIVEAWAY CLOSED Review: The Sexy Halloween Costume

Although there’s a mini-heat wave hitting Los Angeles, I am still thinking of all things fall; and yes that includes Halloween.

I love Halloween! Every year I try to be creative and dress up as something different, but as most of us curvy girls know, it’s hard to find a costume that truly fits and is sexy at the same time. knows a thing or two about sexy Halloween costumes. If you’re looking for sexy, then this is the place. Just check out their new costumes for 2010.

I was sent the Vixen Pirate Wench Plus Size Costume ($43.99) to review. As most of you know, I wear a US size 16/18. So,  I was a little skeptical when choosing my size, only because every 1X/2X I order runs small. But, I know’s size chart is pretty accurate. And I was right…this costume is a perfect fit.

Another thing I worry about is the material that these costumes are made of. Most of the time they’re flimsy or just look cheap. I was pleasantly surprised to find this costume to be pretty good quality. The “corset” is made of black crushed velvet and it stretches (yay!). I just wish there was a little more coverage in the chest area. Being that I am pretty big on top, I need to cover them up. I don’t want the hubby to be a jealous pirate!

Now, I’m looking for the sexy accessories to dress up this costume. Maybe in the future they can throw in a sword or hat. Just an idea. If you’re looking for a costume and you’re on a budget make sure you take a look at’s sexy Halloween sale!

And from now until October 31st, my curvy readers get 10% off any and all costumes on Just enter the code “CurvesandCostumes” at checkout.

Will you make this Halloween a sexy one?

**This item was gifted This has no way affected my review, all of the above is my honest opinion. Please read my disclosure policy here.

Curve Worthy Links: Do My Jeans and Chesca Now

Do My Jeans is an internationally based denim web site that will create you your own unique pair of jeans! Didn’t think that was possible for curvy girls like us? Starting at $119 you can be as creative as you want by choosing the type of waistline, the cut, the wash, the belt style, front and back pocket design, the fly, and of course the accessories. You’re pretty much the designer here!!

Do My Jeans offers pants for men or women who want to stay trendy, no matter their size size! Big, tall, large or small Do My Jeans dresses everyone, according to personal tastes. Customize your clothes by choosing the style and the dimensions.

And don’t worry about sizes either, I was told there is no limit to their sizes! So, instead of paying $200 for a pair of store bought designer jeans, that may or may not enhance your curves, you can design and create your own for less! Visit them NOW!!

Find Do My Jeans of Facebook and Twitter.

Chesca Now

Make way for another…yes another curvy girl loving plus-size fashion retailer! Yay! Chesca is located in the UK, but they ship worldwide. That makes me love them more by the way. They have just launched Chesca Now, a more contemporary, but trendy line. I love these two looks below! Their sizes range from a UK 12-24, which is a US 10-22 and consists of the Lynx, Argenti, Mosaic, Easy Rider and Mystique collections.

*Free gift – for the first 50 orders over £150 on the chesca NOW website. The gift will be Jacqui’s (the owner) choice to match your order. You can find chesca on Facebook and Twitter.

Faith 21 Sparkles!

Need an idea on how to make that all-black outfit pop? Add a little sparkle! Yes, can be more of an evening look, if you follow rules. But, you know we don’t! And besides, I think it’s a fun way to make your outfit stand out. All of these pieces are from Forever 21’s Faith 21 line. I’m already imagining these skirts with a pair of black opaque tights. I told you I have shopping on the brain! All I know is there’s nothing like a little sparkle to brighten up your day!

Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™ Countdown!

It’s almost October…and you know what that means? That means Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™ is almost here! I don’t know about you, but I am very very excited (as you can tell by my countdown on the sidebar lol)!

I can’t believe we’ll be sippin’ on cocktails and chatting at Curvy Cocktails L.A. in 29 days! It will be great to meet those who love FATshion as much as I do! And Thanks to Torrid for our door prizes! Visit our Facebook event page for more info.

There are going to be so many great events like “The State of the Curvy Community” panel.

 Check out the ENTIRE schedule here. 

This sounds like it’s going to be a great discussion that will “address the current state of the plus-size community and the significance of Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™, through the eyes of the industry’s leaders, bringing different perspectives from various experiences and points of view.”

You don’t want to miss out on this panel:

Host: Chenese Lewis

Kelly Price- Singer
Sharon Quinn- The Original Runway Diva
Heinrich St. Germain- Judgment of Paris
Reah Norman- Fashion Director of PLUS Model Mag and plus size stylist
Marie Denee- The Curvy Fashionista

Elena Miro Spring 2011 – Too Real for Milan?

It was a runway of curves at Elena Miro‘s Spring 2011 show. In stunning shades of gray, her models strutted their stuff during Milan’s Fashion Week. Yet, not a part of Milan’s Fashion Week. Kind of like One Stop Plus showed in New York during New York Fashion Week, but wasn’t a part of New York Fashion Week. Actually, just like that. In fact, according to many news sources, Miro was knocked off of Milan”s Fashion Week calender.

Why is the “fashion world” so afraid of women with real curves and real bodies?

Say it Loud and Proud!

I saw this shirt at Torrid and I couldn’t help but love it! Of course you should love your boobies! You should love them so much you’d do anything to keep them! That means becoming knowledgeable when it comes to breast cancer awareness and loving your body. Yes, I do care. My aunt died from breast cancer and the odds are you probably know someone affected by it. Go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure web site now and learn more.

Designer Binge with Bluefly

I think I’m going on a designer binge after checking out Milan Fashion Week. It’s all I can think about and sometimes that’s not such a good thing for a girl like me on a budget. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to look and save money for a much needed pair of designer sunglasses. I’m just sayin’! I’m still looking for the perfect pair.

Hmmm…maybe these Prada and Gucci sunglasses from Bluefly will make it into my “shopping cart.”

 While I’m at it, let’s take a look at a Fendi bag. There’s nothing like a classic Fendi shoulder bag. 

Sometimes, this bargainista likes to buy designer items because of their quality. Ok, this is getting dangerous. I’m outta here!

Designer Details: Fendi Spring 2011

I know I call myself a bargainista, but there’s nothing wrong with looking at beautiful designer pieces. In fact, they give me so much inspiration for the upcoming seasons. I have always been a fan of Fendi. This Italian super design house has never really disappointed me. Their Spring 2011 line was a stunner at Milan, and of course I am eyeing all of their hot accessories. All that red is killing me!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

$25 & Under: Standout Jewelry

In the world of shopping, I don’t think there is anything worse than falling in love with something and then finding out that it costs way more than what you can afford! Isn’t that the worse feeling? That’s why I love to research online and find items that not only standout, but are within my budget. Jewelry is one of those items I love to find for bargain prices. I hate to spend more than $25 for a piece of costume jewelry. Here are a few pieces I wouldn’t mind owning and are $25 & Under.

Where do you like to buy your bargain jewelry?