Wish List

Wish List: Evans

Why won’t these amazing European stores, like Evans, open up boutiques in the states? Whyyyyyyy?I am so skeptical when buying something online, because I don’t get to try it on. But, that doesn’t really matter anyways because I am on my current shopping freeze. Blah!!Anywhoo…that won’t stop me from lusting after great fashion pieces, like the ones I’ve chosen from Evans below. Sigh…

Wish List: Maurices

Being on a budget is not working for me! Look at what I found at Maurices! Darn e-window shopping! I’m definitely in the mood for coral and denim. Especially, the cutoff shorts. Which I can probably do at home…hmmm…lightbulb! This budgeting is inspiring DIY projects. I guess that’s a good thing. Right?On the Border Look 3Aztec Inspired Embroidered TankVigoss ? Deconstructed Cuffed Capri JeansRaw Edge Bermuda ShortsFloral Pattern Dress

Wish List: Torrid

I’m broke as a joke…so I will e-window shop…again. I was browsing the Torrid web site and I fell for these 4 pieces. Oh Torrid…why must you be a little too pricey for this blogger on a budget? It’s ok…I will survive. I’m hitting up the Goodwill tomorrow to see what I can find. That will hold me over until the weekend. My name is Monique and I’m a shopaholic!

Wish List: Calvin Klein Plus

Calvin Klein PlusA gal can never have too many clothes…can she? (Tell that to my hubby) Well, Calvin Klein’s line has me wrapped around his little finger. I think these picks would definitely update my sad spring wardrobe. I love that his clothes make me feel sexy and comfy at the same time.

Wish List: Evans

The blogs are buzzin’ with Evans’ new ad campaign!Featuring the top plus-size models in the industry, Evans has caught the attention of many.Britney Vecchio, Hayley Morley, Crystal Renn, Amber Tolliver and Peeky are the “it” models. They’re gorgeous!I’m inspired! Here is my Evans Wish List: