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Style Trend Going Green

There are a lot of reasons to wear green. Maybe it’s your favorite color and you just want to celebrate spring. Maybe you’re all about honoring St. Patrick’s Day. Or maybe you don’t need a reason at all to wear it. I think that’s my favorite reason. And since green is one of my favorite eye-catching colors, I had to go searching online for a few plus size styles. Well, 17 to be exact. All in a few different shades of green, in case you wanted some variety. Which of the green styles below are you in love with? 1. Lane Bryant 2. Lane…

Lace Please

I have lace on the brain guys. Ever since I laid eyes on the stunning Beyonce in her white lace gown at the GRAMMYs, I just can’t stop thinking about it. Turns out she wore a bridal gown from Inbal Dror’s Fall 2016 collection—like only she can. So, I went online and searched for a few plus size lace dresses that stood out to me. Take a look below and let me know which one is your favorite. I wouldn’t mind owning any of these by the way. Embed from Getty Images 1. Eloquii 2. ASOS 3. Lala Belle 4.…

Sequin Obsession | $50 and Under

Oh sequins…why do I love you so much? It has clearly become a little bit of an obsession. Especially, when I’m online searching for anything covered in sequins. I do this for you guys…I swear. I am definitely going to blame the holidays on this one. Even though we all know you can wear them anytime of the year. Yes, you can! If you’re a lover of all things sparkly, but don’t want to spend too much, I found a few sequin pieces, from accessories to plus size dresses, that caught my eye and are all under $50. Click through…

Style Trend / 70’s

I might be listening to the Bee Gees right now as I type this. OK…I am. In the 1970’s music was pretty awesome and so was the fashion. It’s one of my favorite eras for all things that pop, shimmer, and shine. Basically, anything that would stand out while you were dancing to your favorite Disco song. No judgement. I was poking around ASOS Curve and I found 15 plus size pieces that are totally vibing with the 70’s style.

5 Easy Ways to Style a Faux Fur Vest / Video

I recently wrote a post featuring 20 plus size faux fur vests that I was loving. Of course, this inspired me to make a quick video sharing five easy ways on how to style a faux fur vest. In other words, how I’d style one. These are my tips, but I always encourage you to celebrate your personal style and creativity in every outfit you rock. In the video, I’m wearing the Bisou Bisou Reversible Faux Fur Vest in a 1X from JCPenney. Would you like to see more style videos like this? Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel…

Style Inspired / Halloween

I can smell Halloween in the air. Can you? It smells like a mixture of pumpkins, gouls, and goblins. I admit that normally, I love to wear black. But, when this time of the year rolls around, that’s ALL I want to wear. The scariest night of the year, is really inspiring. Especially in the style department. I was looking around today and found some favorites of course. And you know I had to share them with you. Which of these are you craving for your Halloween style?