Shoe Fever

Shoe Fever: Aldo Favorites

I need to go shopping. How many times have you heard me say that? LOL! But, this time I’m super serious! I’m supposed to go to New York next week for Full Figured Fashion Week and I am not one bit ready. Not at all. And to make matters worse, I need everything. Especially shoes!! When I realized this, I made my way over to one my favorite shoe stores, Aldo. Every time I walk into this place I immediately see something I love. Why me? Ugh! It sucks to always want want want…Anyways, I found a few pairs (9) that I need in my life. Sigh…

Shoe Fever: The White Sandal

Guess who went out and bought herself a pair of white sandals? Meeeee! Yes, I’ve been wanting a pair for a really long time and I finally got one. Now, normally I don’t like wearing white, because I always spill something on myself. LOL! But, these are shoes and I know they’ll probably be easy to clean. I know I’ll wear them out this summer too!

Shoe Insider: Naya ‘Palomi’ Sandal

Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced the joy of finding a gladiator sandal that you knew you couldn’t live without? *Raises hand* Ever since my black gladiator sandals died (the heel broke off), I’ve been on the hunt. Not only do I want cute, by I want comfy. You know that’s my favorite phrase. That’s when shoe company Naya walked into my life and just in the nick of time. I was seriously ready to give up. Enter the Palomi Sandal ($129.95), in all its glory. I love the herringbone braid feature that runs down the front of the sandal.…