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Big & Tall: Sean John

In the world of plus size fashion, we have to remember ladies that we’re not the only ones struggling to find clothes that not only fit, but look good. Sometimes, I think they actually have a harder time than we do. Guys, like my hubby, are always looking for fashion that doesn’t suck.  Read more For the Big Guy in Your Life

For a millisecond I thought of creating a fashion blog for men. Well, not just any men, the Big & Tall men out there. I’m married to a man that fits perfectly in this category. At 6’4 and wearing a size 2X, I wanted him to have a place to find fashion and lifestyle tips. Read more

Chaotic 4 Men: Ralph Lauren Big&Tall

When it comes to classic American fashion, you can’t help but think of Ralph Lauren. Whenever I do a search online for Big&Tall clothing,  his line always pops up. Yet, I don’t know many guys actually wearing it. Why not? This line carries essential pieces that can be worked into your wardrobe. This is great for you guys who hate shopping. This means less shopping, because you already have what you need! Read more

Chaotic 4 Men: Fall Basics

Fall is right around the corner guys! Are you ready? Do you have your fall basics? By the “basics” I mean-pieces that you can wear and work throughout the entire season. Stuff you can mix and match. I would recommend the following: Read more