My Tips Packing for Hispanicize

There are a lot of reasons why I love what I do. Having a community of influencers and creators that I can connect and learn with is just the icing on the cake. That’s why I love going to events like Hispanicize. And this year I’m excited announce that I’m an official Hispanicize 2017 Social Correspondent. It’s the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship—and this will be my fifth time attending!

2016 Dime Summit
2016 Dime Summit

Are you planning on being a part of Hispanicize and the Dime Summit in Miami this year? Not sure what you should pack? Aye…I know the feeling. That’s what I’m here for! As part of my collaboration with Hispancize, I’m going to share some of my essential packing tips with you.

Be True to You and Wear What You Love

I can not stress this enough. Regardless of so-called style trends, wearing what you love is key to any successful outfit. And that’s what it’s all about right? As you’ll see in the photo above I decided to shine bright with a marigold crochet-inspired look. It’s Miami—the brighter the better!

Comfort Comes First

Before you put anything in that suitcase of yours, ask yourself if you’re going to be comfortable in it. This includes shoes. There will be a lot of walking, sitting, and moving from sessions to evening events. If you value your conference sanity, you’ll want to wear something comfortable.

Accessories for the Win

Because this is a five day event, that means a lot of outfits. I love to pack basics that I can mix and match, then dress them up with my favorite accessories. I’m a sucker for statement jewelry and lightweight scarves that add my personal style. And that scarf will come in handy for any chilly conference rooms.

Be Weather Ready

I always recommend checking the weather forecast a week before hitting Miami. Because it can sometimes be a little unpredictable with tropical rain showers, you’ll want to pack accordingly. I recommend a compact umbrella and lightweight jacket. This makes it easy to carry around from event to event. Unless you love getting soaking wet.

Be that Bag Lady

No matter what I throw in my suitcase, I never forget to pack a large tote or crossbody bag. This comes in handy for not only my personal items, but for my tech accessories or any swag I collect throughout the day. Oh…and for lots of snacks.

Pack Personality…No Seriously

You’re going to Miami and you’re going to be surrounded by really awesome people. Whatever you pack, make sure you include your personality and even your culture. Add it in any way you seem fit. Whether it’s in your outfits or accessories. Make sure you represent YOU.