Carmakoma’s #DiversityisBeautiful with Fluvia Lacerda

Society is always and forever trying to saturate us with their unrealistic ideas of beauty. Always. It’s so uninspiring to constantly have those images thrown in our faces. That’s why I love when someone in the plus size industry shakes things up. It seems Danish fashion brand Carmakoma feels the same.

They believe that “beauty comes in all forms.” That being said, they have launched their SS17 collection and campaign with the confidence-boosting message that “Diversity is beautiful.” Something I totally agree with.

With our “Diversity is Beautiful” campaign, we want to widen the stereotypical female beauty ideal and take responsibility in a fashion world where this “ideal” leaves many women out. We believe in beauty across size, color, and gender, and we hope that our campaign becomes part of a movement that takes us one step closer towards a more inclusive society. We salute the female body, regardless of shape size,” says Heidie Lykke, Creative Director of Carmakoma and pioneer for the campaign. -Carmakoma

The face of this campaign is a personal friend, amazing person, and one of the most outspoken self-aware and confident humans I know—Fluvia Lacerda.

“I definitely think of my work as a contribution to many women’s minds to see that it is possible
to be happy with who you are. -Fluvia Lacerda”

Below you’ll not only find a sneak peek of the official SS17 Carmakoma Lookbook, but you’ll also find the #DiversityisBeautiful video featuring Fluvia Lacerda and a few magazine images.