Start Dressing the Way You REALLY Want

How many times have you muttered the following sentences to yourself or someone else?

“I really wish I could dress like that.”
“I want to wear that but I don’t think I can pull it off.”
“I want to dress more (fill in style here), but it won’t look good on me.”
“I just don’t know how to start dressing like that.”
“I hate how I dress.”

These are just a few statements that I’ve actually heard from friends, family, and even strangers. Yes, even strangers like the dental assistant I met recently. I told her I blog about plus size fashion and she probably said like three of the above sentences to me. That’s basically what inspired this post.

If you’ve been reading my blog for the seven years it’s been around, then you know I’ve been on a personal style journey of my own. Actually, I feel like I’m still on this journey. With that being said, I don’t consider myself an “expert” or “guru.” I do consider myself a woman who knows what you’re going through and has been there. That’s why I wanted to share a few easy tips to help you dress the way you REALLY want.

Let me explain first why I consider these tips easy. Of course I’ve watched those TV shows that give drastic makeovers to men and women. Making them feel bad for their personal style. Ugh…I hate those shows. Most of the time, because those makeovers are drastic, they never really stick. I want to give tips that will help ease you into the style you’ve been wanting to wear, but felt like you couldn’t for some reason. And if you don’t have a specific style in mind and want to try wearing different things—then let’s do that too! In my opinion it’s all about being happy and comfortable in whatever you decide to wear.

Here are my 5 simple tips to start dressing the way you REALLY want:


I’m all about letting another person’s personal style inspire my style. I say inspire, because I’m not a recreate an outfit kind of person. Whether it’s following your favorite influencer on Instagram or even creating what I like to call a “pinspiration” board on Pinterest (see below), there is tons of style inspiration out there. And if you’re hands-on, grab some magazines, scissors, a glue stick, and a poster board and get clipping. It’s easy to create your own collage or inspiration board.


If you’re a little hesitant to dive head first into your favorite style (trendy, sporty, boho, goth, etc…) start with accessories. That’s the advice I always give, because it’s the easiest in my opinion. You can find anything from jewelry, handbags, shoes, eyewear, or scarves in the style you aspire. It’s not anything super drastic and you can always take it off if you don’t feel entirely comfortable.


Even if you think you’re not dressing the way you’ve always wanted, you may already have pieces in your wardrobe that are influenced by the style you like. Before going out and spending a dime, head to your closet first. For example, I love the modern boho style. If I was to go into my closet right now, I’d definitely find flowy silhouettes and printed scarves already in there.


If you have to go shopping for new clothes I’d suggest buying pieces that you will wear more than one way. I think that’s why I love accessories so much. You can switch them around and wear them with different outfits. But, you can also buy that blazer that can be worn to not only work, but casually with denim, or dressed up for a night out. That’s just an example guys. Of course you can buy whatever you want, this is just what I’d do to get more bang for my buck when I’m exploring new styles.


I can not stress this tip enough! You can wear anything you want and when you do, do it with confidence. Walk tall and proud in whatever you decide to wear. Who cares what people think. Look, people are going to judge regardless. Besides, you’re the person wearing the clothes, they aren’t. You should always wear what you love and what makes you happy. I know I sound like a broken record here, but it’s crazy true. The only person you should care about impressing is YOURSELF.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Leave them below!