Travel Diary | Discovering Mission San Diego de Alcalá

“Less doh…less doh,” I would yell as soon as I heard the keys jingle. My dad tells me as soon as I could walk and talk, I was always trying to leave. I can’t blame me. This curious toddler wanted to see what was beyond her parents arms. I’m not much different today. I can’t imagine a life without being able to travel and discover new places.

In my latest travel adventure, I take you in and around the first mission in California—San Diego de Alcalá. There I was in one of my favorite cities, with KIA and it was our duty to explore. Can’t say no to that, especially when you’re with your favorite amigas in a brand new fully loaded and charged KIA Soul EV. I’ve driven one before, but this one was hooked up! Those cooling seats were perfect for that warm Southern California weather. Just saying.

After a quick 15 minute drive from our hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter, Mission San Diego de Alcalá welcomed us with it’s 247-year-old arms. This operating and active parish, was simply quaint and peaceful on this warm afternoon. The serene nature of the mission had me in my own head, but that’s a good thing. The garden was perfect for some personal reflection.

If you love learning about the history of California and it’s missions, you must stop here. Our admission was only $5 and was worth it. Read all about the history of Mission San Diego de Alcalá here.

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Disclosure: Travel and lodging was provided by Kia. Any and all opinions are true and my own.