How to Refresh Dry Summer Hair | Giveaway (Closed)

Summer is almost over and it’s hopefully left you with fun memories and a maybe even a great tan…if that’s your kind of thing. Or you could be left with dry and brittle hair from the chlorine, sun, salt water, hair products, and even heat styling. Now, I wouldn’t consider myself a beauty guru. But, more like a beauty realist. I know we come from all kinds of walks of life and different hair types. So, as I sat on my couch reflecting on what I can do to refresh my hair for the upcoming fall season. That’s when I thought I’d reach out to some of my friends. I wanted to see how they bring life back into their locks at the end of the summer.

Then I got the bright idea to host a Facebook Live chat with my little brother from another mother Jeshua (@iamjeshuav). You see, he’s so good at so many things, but he’s especially good at caring for his hair. I call him a hair aficionado. That’s not an official title, but it should be.

You can watch our broadcast here.

I also reached out to a few of our friends and my hair stylist for a few of their personal hair saving tips:

Professional Stylist Tonantzin of The Atwater Parlour in Atwater Village, CA.

“If a client had dry brittle hair and wanted me to suggest a hydrating product, I’d have to really encourage a system. It’s important for clients to treat their hair as they would their skin! Using one product alone or only once will not remedy the issue.”

Tonantzin recommends and has used brand Colure Richly Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. She said it’s designed for dry, color treated hair wanting deep hydration and no color fade out. She also recommends the Colure Shine Serum Plus. It can be used DAILY. Apply it after shampoo & conditioning on wet hair to either air or blow dry. Colure Hair Care is 100% vegan and 100% non toxic organic chemistry. Plus it all smells amazing…infused with citrus, papaya, mango, lavender & ginger.

Chelsea March of Milk Makeup and YouTube

“Going from Summer to Fall, when my hair was out I would get a trim to prepare my hair for the new season. Also because the air tends to get drier going into Fall I would mist my hair once in the morning and then again in the night with a leave in to keep the moisture locked it. I like the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner. For a clarifying Shampoo I like Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner. And I would always two strand twist my hair post wash to help with breakage.”

Ada Rojas via

“Add moisture to curls by using a leave-in conditioner after shampooing and conditioning. If you have fine hair use a watery leave-in conditioner before applying your usual styler like Curl Keeper Leave-In Conditioner . For kinkier hair use a creamy leave-in conditioner to lock-in moisturize like Shea Moisture’s Superfruit Multi-Vitamin Frizz-Taming Smoothie.”

And you know I wouldn’t leave you hanging either. I’ve teamed with WEN to give three lucky readers a chance to win a pair of products from their Summer Honey Peach collection. It’s a seasonal blend of ingredients for all hair types. This soy protein-based formula is packed with essential oils and extracts, and Chaz’s custom blend of honeys, amino acids and peptides for the ultimate in hair nutrition.


I’ll be giving away the WEN Summer Honey Peach Cleansing Conditioner ($40 value) and the WEN Summer Honey Peach Treatment Oil ($72 value).

WEN® Summer Honey Peach Cleansing Conditioner is perfect for all hair types. Amino and tea complexes nourish and repair, while our honey complex, peach and apricot extracts add incredible shine. While, WEN® Summer Honey Peach Treatment Oil combines the nourishing and moisturizing properties of Argan Oil with the restorative and healing properties of Abyssinian Oil. It hydrates, nourishes and helps repair both your hair and skin.

Enter via the widget below! Just share your favorite tip from the Facebook Live broadcast OR your own personal hair moisturizing tip.

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  • Inga

    To moisturize my hair I spray a little bit of water in my hair and run a little bit of oil through it to seal in the moisture. I have tried both this cleanser and oil and love the way they make my hair easier to manage.

  • Maya

    My tip: STOP USING HEAT ON YOUR HAIIIIIR! *shouts to myself*

  • Melissa@ROABlog

    I use Argan oil to moisturize my hair

  • Eileen Carter-Campos

    I learned so much! I had no idea avocado (fresh avocado) and argan oil were great for your hair. I also learned about curl types and how often I should possibly wash my curls. I also learned about the transition from summer to fall. I need Jeshua and Monique in my back pocket for all of these curly girl reminders. Thanks guys…super FUN and super cute…and AWESOME info!!! Not surprised though!

  • sottovoce

    I add a few drops of coconut oil to my conditioner to help keep my hair hydrated. 🙂 Thank you.

  • Taylor Closet

    I use olive oil for deep conditioning my hair.

  • Annamarie Voss

    My hairdresser gave me a good tip she said at night when I’m using moisturizer on my hands to put a little on the end of my hair, that’s where my hair gets pretty dry.

  • whittikere

    I use a weekly hair mask!


  • Bernie Hami

    I use all Shae Moisture products. For style I use Shae Moisture Curl & Style Milk. Leaves my hair soft and frizz free. No poo products are the best. Dry your hair with a T-Shirt not a towel after washing your hair. I wash my hair about twice a week. Coconut oil for a deep conditioning with a shower cap for about an hour.

  • Ruya Norton

    Use leave-in conditioner!

  • Lee Peck

    I use a mask of old avocado and vinegar. Thanks for the chance.

  • Karrie Millheim

    I use a moisture filled spray to keep my hair soft and not dry

  • msrodeobrat

    My hair moisturizing tip is to sleep in coconut oil! I use that as an overnight treatment before I wash my hair and it is fabulous!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  • Vera K

    I run some coconut oil thru my hair and cover it with a shower cap for a half hour or so and then shampoo and condition as usual.

  • Tracy Davis

    I sleep in conditioner

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I use coconut oil sometimes as a treatment (:

  • jerseygirl137

    I use a deep conditioner at least once a month.

  • Nicole L

    I use s spray on leave in conditioner and then seal it with coconut oil.

  • Starla

    These seem like such great products although I have never tried Wen products. I love to use coconut oil on my hair weekly it seems to really help. Also, I really love taking biotin- I see a huge difference!!

  • buzzd

    I use leave in conditioner and it helps me hair alot

  • Courtney Bella

    don’t straighten your hair ! ! it ruins it

  • Brittney House

    I love using leave in conditioner.

  • Tracy Shafer

    I use coconut oil in my hair. It’s wonderful.

  • Laydeelovewv

    I use a mixture of leave in conditioner and oil throughout my hair to help with heat damage.

  • Aaron Reck

    I love coconut oil on my scalp. Feels great.

  • Julia Barnes

    I don’t wash my hair everyday so that it doesn’t dry out.

  • sexybrat

    I pay very close attention to my hairs texture. I adjust how much conditioner I use on my hair based on how dry it is. Sometimes I even put some conditioner on after the shower.

  • April monty

    Once I’ve washed and conditioned, I take just a small amount of conditioner and run it through my hair combing it in as go

  • joegersh

    I use coconut oil to help my hair

  • Danielle

    I use a leave in conditioner and let my hair air dry.

  • Emily Morelli

    To help quench my thirsty locks, I rub a small amount of Rose Hip oil into my ends before bed each night.

  • Mita

    I use coconut oil.

  • susansmoaks

    my tip is to use coconut oil. i love what it does to my hair.

  • Joann F

    I have curly hair so I do not use hair straightners or blow dryers

  • Spa Mm

    I avoid using heat when possible – especially by air drying!!

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I use coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment.

  • jill190

    I use coconut oil with heat to get rid of my fly away hair.

  • Erica Carnes

    Don’t wash your hair as often.

  • Lisa Voyce

    I try to let my hair dry naturally and if I do blow dry, I use aragon oil.

  • nickie burke

    Drink lot’s of water and use natural oils

  • Natalie Applewhite

    I use coconut oil on hair once a week. It works wonders!

  • Francine Anchondo

    I use leave in conditioner

  • Susan Smith

    I use a weekly hair mask and leave it on overnight.

  • Penny Snyder

    I moisturize daily along with a dab of oil!!~

  • jules mcnubbin

    i apply some coconut oil to my ends after shampooing and conditioning

  • Tammy

    Once a week I mix up: Almond Oil, Egg, Mayo and Coconut Oil. LEave it on my hair for 30 minutes.

  • Jackie

    I use coconut oil

  • Stephanie MacDonald

    Use leave-in conditioner!

  • Michelle H.

    Sometimes I put conditioner in my hair before I workout at home. I then shower and have super conditioned hair.

  • Christiane Henshaw

    I love using coconut oil on the ends of my hair for moisturizing.

  • Kookiegeorgie

    My short hair is dyed and then highlighted, then out in the summer sun. The best moisturizer I have found is Kraft Mayonaise !
    Rinse hair with very warm water, apply Mayo and hang out for about 15 minutes before showering. In shower, wash with your favorite shampoo and then conditioner. I do this about once a month …..

  • cezovski

    I use a weekly intense conditioner/mask.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • Sand

    l apply product to damp hair to seal in the moisture and make it shiny.

  • Birdiebee

    I use mayo to moisturize my hair.