Living a Bold Life—My Way

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If you would’ve asked me five years ago if I was living a bold life, I’m not sure I would’ve been able to answer you truthfully. Maybe because I wasn’t. I had just been diagnosed with anxiety and fear ruled my life. There were no courageous moments and I definitely wasn’t taking any daring chances. It was a dark time and one I’m not ashamed to talk about.

Over the years, I’ve continued to battle my anxiety. And I probably will for the rest of my life. But, I’m happy to report that fear and I are in a different place.

When I decided to write this post, I think my definition of bold meant something else. I don’t sky dive or swim with sharks. Even though that would be freaking awesome. Instead, I’m living a life where I face my fears and uncertainties in my own way. Of course it’s a daily challenge, but I wouldn’t expect anything else.

I know that my boldness comes from a place deep down inside. And whenever doubt arises, it takes over. It was there when I tried surfing for the first time. It was there when this meat eater decided to become a vegan. It’s there every single day when anyone tries to define me or my purpose.

More than anything, living a bold life is about sharing your battles and victories with others. That’s why I was really excited to partner with Dunkin’ Donuts ® on this amazing campaign. They are all about living life’s boldest moments. If you are too, you have to take a look at Erik Weihenmayer’s story. He is beyond inspiring!

Dunkin’ Donuts ® coffee provides coffee lovers (like me) with a distinctly bold, yet smooth, never bitter taste to keep us inspired throughout the day. Is it weird to say I look forward to going to bed at night, just so I can make my iced coffee in the morning?

How do you live a bold life?

Not only is Dunkin’ Donuts ® about living your best life. But, they greatly value and invest in the education and training of coffee growers and farmers. The brand is dedicated to helping the Rainforest Alliance reach over 160,000 coffee farmers and to safeguarding the health of more than 2.3 million acres of land.

Bold coffee lovers! You’ll be happy to know that Dunkin’ Dark® coffee is available now in grocery stores nationwide and even in NEW K-Cup® Pods. Quick and easy brew at home! Check it out here.




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  • Cheers to being bold! That iced coffee is calling my name, just saying. 😀

  • rika agustini

    I enjoy living a bold life.. find my passion, learn new things and ready for new challenge

  • Kathy Hester

    I completely understand where you’re coming from. I get extra nervous every time I try something new. But that never stops me from doing it though!

  • April Mims

    I love that you said we all have a different definition of what bold means. That is so true! And it’s so nice to enjoy a cup of bold coffee before facing the world each day!

  • I think we all suffer at some point from anxiety. I have battled with it my whole life too thanks to some crazy childhood drama, but like you, fear and I are in a different place too, so I am glad to hear someone else overcoming it as well!

    • Thank you Jennifer! Best wishes to you.

  • Absolutely beautiful share. Thank you for sharing your story and how you live your bold life and get past anxiety. I’ve had my fair share too and I live my bold life by not having any regrets and trying things when I can. xx

    • Thank you Angela. I think living without any regrets is perfect!

  • Yvette

    you look so adorable in your first pic holding the iced coffee. such contagious smile. ^_^