When Life Decides to Shift

I’m having a major self-realization moment right now. It’s like I can feel my life shifting around, if that makes sense. Yes, it’s because I’m getting older and hopefully wiser. All I want, more than anything, is to live a kinder, balanced, and happier life. It sounds a lot easier than it has been.

For the past few months I have been struggling with my inner self. It has nothing to do with welcoming in the new year either. In 2015, I made some changes here and what kind of content I would be sharing with all of you. You may have noticed that I started reviewing cruelty-free beauty products only and did some blog redesigning. I want a space here to reflect who I truly am. It’s all still a work in progress…like I undoubtedly am.

Eight months ago, I even made the decision to become a vegetarian. This really isn’t something I’ve talked about much. I believe that it’s a personal decision of mine and for some reason it can be a touchy subject for some people. I don’t look down on or criticize those who eat meat by the way. You may also notice a small physical change in me as well. I’ve lost some weight and have started a regular exercise routine. I feel like my ankle is finally healing and I can now be more active. I’ve even started practicing yoga. And today, for the first time ever, I meditated—it was amazing.

This has all been a part of the shift I’ve been dealing with—physically and mentally. I realize I’m not alone here either. No, it’s not a mid-life crisis if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m not there yet. I just feel like my priorities and observations about the life I’m living are definitely changing. And that’s not a bad thing.

It’s true, I don’t feel completely ready for these changes and I’m still somewhat confused about the direction my life is going. I do know that there is no room for negativity and garbage. That’s not going to help me get anywhere worth going. It is about removing the people who don’t love me for who I am. Because, I truly believe the relationships we have in life are vital to our happiness. It’s also about acceptance of who I am and genuinely loving myself—inside and out. Something that I know a lot of us are battling with on a daily basis.

Why am I sharing this with you today? It’s simple. This blog has been a journal for me since I first started it in 2010. A place where I’m allowed to share and evolve—like I have done over the years. And hopefully if you’re reading this, you can relate and maybe even offer your own words and experiences. My sole purpose of this blog has and always will be to offer some sort of inspiration to anyone one who reads it. Hopefully, today that’s you. Thank you again for always being a part of my journey.


  • Change is not only good it’s therapeutic. Congrats on moving onward and upward. . .Enjoy your Life!