Give Back with The Giving Hat / Giveaway (Closed)

Sponsored by Kmart.
This holiday season let’s make it all about giving back! I’ve teamed up with Kmart again to help spread the word on an amazing campaign—The Giving Hat. This winter knit hat was created as a way to spread awareness in the fight against childhood cancer and to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I couldn’t imagine a better gift idea! And I’m going to give you a chance at the end of this post to win your very own.

Kmart designed the hats in collaboration with St. Jude and is available exclusively at Kmart and now—while supplies last. They will donate $1 from the sale of the $5 hat to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The gray and lime green winter knit hats are one-size-fits-all (adults and kids ages 9+) and are available with three different embroidered messages inspired by St. Jude patients and their families:


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If you’re not familiar with St. Jude, they are one of the world’s premier centers for the research and treatment of pediatric cancer and other catastrophic childhood diseases. They do such amazing things for our children. I am beyond proud to wear my hat. You know I had to choose “SMILE”… because I totally believe in the power of a smile. When making up your gift list this year, please consider buying The Giving Hat for someone you care about! It’s for an amazing cause and it’s only $5!!

Donate to St. Jude now.

Enter to win your very own “The Giving Hat!” below. Two readers will be chosen and have a chance to choose a message of their choice. Follow all the instructions and good luck!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored. Any and all opinions expressed are true and my own.

  • I have “smile” so I would choose “give thanks” – thanks for sharing this awesome initiative!

  • Arlene

    The cat! Love it

  • I would have “give thanks” because everyday is a day to be thankful for and many people take today and loved ones for granted. It would kind of a daily reminder to be thankful. I’m going to purchase one to share this trending. Love the season of giving .

  • Lindsay

    I would like the smile hat.

  • I will certainly love to buy a few, for my family. l love the fact that I am donating makes me so very happy.

  • Zadry Ferrer-Geddes

    I would definitely choose “Smile”. This is such a beautiful cause

  • Bev Henry

    It is hard to choose, but I think I would choose give thanks

  • Chad Gustafson

    Give thanks

  • Sandra

    I would like Give Thanks! And Thank you for the chance to win it.

  • I’d choose Give Thanks.

  • melanie h

    I love the SMILE hat!!!

  • Nicole Carter Weasley

    I would chose Laugh A lot
    Nicole Carter

  • dglitter

    I will choose Laugh Alot-something I believe in doing!

  • sexybrat

    I would love the SMILE one. 🙂

  • Denisse Montalvan

    Ahem… You know I would rock that hat like no other! I say that based solely on how I abuse the use of accessories I should get it… just saying! But most importantly I love supporting St Jude or any organization that make children smile!!! Love you for your awesome and loving heart too!

  • jules mcnubbin

    i would get SMILE! 🙂

  • Scott Poston

    I would choose Smile!

  • susansmoaks

    i like the smile because i love to smile

  • Monique Rizzo

    I would choose Smile. Thank you for the chance.

  • Correy Hope Kustin

    Keep on “smile” thanks

  • Rona Berry-Morin

    I would love a ‘smile’ hat.

  • Smile and Give Thanks are my favorites!

  • Aaron

    I would choose SMILE!

  • tatertot374

    I like the smile. Super cute and fun

  • jandsfox_143

    I would like give thanks hat.

  • Laurie Emerson

    I would choose the Smile hat as just seeing it makes you want to smile.

  • Shakeia Rieux

    I would choose Smile

  • lshumack

    I would love to have the Laugh a lot hat! That’s a great reminder each day

  • Shari Breckenridge Klyn

    I would love the Smile hat!

  • Bryan E.

    Thank You for the giveaway…would love a “SMILE” hat for my daughter.

  • Sand

    I like the “Give Thanks” hat the most.

  • amy deeter

    I would just love the smile hat

  • jmahurin40

    I would like the “smile” hat:)

  • tannawings

    GIVE THANKS. would be my choice because I think it doesnt occur to people how blessed they truly aree.

    ellen beck on the form