20 Plus Size Faux Fur Vests — The Perfect Fall Accessory?

I’m going to be honest, I was never a fan of the faux fur vest. I really wasn’t. That is until I got my hands on one (post coming soon by the way). Just like any accessory, which I consider it, it really is how you style it. And as I was looking online today, I found 20 plus size faux fur vests you just might consider.

I think a vest can be the perfect fall accessory, especially when you want to add a layer of warmth or texture to an outfit. I will admit a lot of them might look bulky…and they can be. But don’t let that stop you, especially if you really like them! As you’ll see in my picks below, there are a lot of ways you can wear one this fall.

  • Take your all-denim look to the next level with a faux fur vest.
  • Throw one on over a boho-inspired long sleeve mini dress with a pair of tights and ankle boots.
  • Give your rock tee or even a basic tee a touch-up with a faux fur vest.
  • Pair one with a flowy top and leggings to add some warmth.
  • Try a cropped faux fur vest to change things up.
How do you style your plus size faux fur vest?