Crème Bralée is Lingerie Sweetness / Giveaway (Closed)

I’ve always had a very interesting relationship with bras…more like a lot of bra pet peeves. Because I wear a DD cup size, I’m always shopping the full figured section. If you’re in the same boat, then you know that finding sexy bras for breasts our size is a challenge. And if we do find a style we like, the majority of the time, the fit is horrible. That’s where the pet peeves come in. Like straps digging into your shoulders, under boob, and even breasts spilling out. I don’t know about you, but I can’t feel sexy if I’m uncomfortable. Crème Bralée wants to change all of that by crafting beautiful and supportive lingerie for the full-busted and full-figured woman.

Crème Bralée sent me a few bras to try out and I’m pretty impressed. Not only are they reasonably priced ($30-$42), but the quality is great. I love that they have wider straps and a wider band, without compromising style. As you’ll see below, I was sent the Jacqueline Bra, Olivia Bra, and Olivia Garter Panty. Yes…garter panty! And at the end of this post, you’ll have the opportunity to enter to win all three of these pieces!

Crème Bralée Jacqueline Bra
Crème Bralée Jacqueline Bra
Crème Bralée Jacqueline Bra

The Jacqueline Bra in Boysenberry/Pink is so much prettier in person. The minute I put it on, I instantly thought “Wow, this is hot!” It’s covered in lace and is a lightly padded demi bra style. It gave my breasts great shape and was really comfortable. It’s available in sizes 32-46 in cup sizes C-DDD.

Crème Bralée Olivia Bra
Crème Bralée Olivia Garter Panty
Crème Bralée Olivia Garter Panty

The Olivia Bra and Olivia Garter Panty are a totally sexy combo! This unpadded full-coverage style caught my eye. I chose this bra because it’s pretty gorgeous. And I wanted to see if this style would help with the dreaded under boob I normally experience with bras like this. I can say that there were no under boob problems. Fully covered, just the way I like it. It’s available in sizes 32-46 in cup sizes C-DDD. And the panty was HOT!

Both bras really exceeded my expectations. I was waiting to feel uncomfortable the minute I put them on. But, I didn’t. The materials are soft and you can instantly tell they were made for my breasts. I can’t say that about other bras.

Now, here’s your chance to enter to win all three Crème Bralée pieces for yourself! Enter via the widget below. Good luck loves!

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Disclosure: The items in the post were provided for review purposes only. Any and all opinions are true and my own.

  • susiegalore

    I hate delicate little straps that wouldn’t hold up a pea! 🙂

  • Tracy Fahey

    I have always hated how when you get to the bigger sizes the bras all look sort of basic and plain. All I want is a little flirt, a little fun, a little sexy, pretty to slip on like every other girl! That boysenberry bra looks like it might be a dream come true 🙂

  • sarah c

    my pet peeves are the wire trying to kill me and when the band is not a big enough width.

  • Aaron

    I frankly have no bra pet peeves! =)

  • Danielle Magee

    I hate when the bra straps dig into my shoulders and leave marks.

  • Denise M

    I hate when the underwire starts to come out and stabs you

  • Rebecca Kellerman

    My bra pet peeves are unsupportive bras with no lift that give that underarm fat.

  • Madonna

    I hate when the straps roll and cut into your shoulders

  • Lizzy F

    Underwire bras that dig into are terrible. I need a bra that won’t hurt when I wear it!

  • notblueatall

    Bra pet peeves: unprotected underwire, straps that twist easily, no side structure, band not wide enough.
    These look gorgeous. Can’t wait to try this brand!

  • M. Battles

    Pet Peeve when my underwire dies!!! The digging into my skin on th side and the baby straps!!!

  • Erika926

    Finding my perfect size and having a bra that is comfortable throughout my day is my biggest bra pet peeves.

  • whittikere

    have the underwire dig into my skin

  • Inga

    My problem is with the straps digging into my shoulders along with issues with coverage. The cups don’t always give the most support and that puts more pressure on the straps.

  • Katy Glynn

    I hate it when the wires poke me and when the straps are not short enough!

  • DJohnson

    I hate when the under-wire pokes me and when bras have padding. I don’t need any padding lol.

  • MilaXX

    Underwires that hurt. I love a good, supportive yet pain free underwire.

  • Amber Harvey

    I hate when the cups don’t fit right, and I have boob-muffin-top!

  • Zadry Ferrer-Geddes

    Bras with hard or ridiculous shaped cups, makes you feel like you’re in the 60s or in a Madonna video.

  • Patti-Beth Leitman

    My pet peeve is when the shoulder straps dig in and leave marks that don’t disappear so quickly!!!!! But I LOVE these bras…soooo sexy and feminine !!

  • Carleen Pierce

    When the under wire digs into my side

  • Em Mahr

    One of my pet peeves is having a size that’s not commonly carried on stores. I also hate the bras that have little to no adjustment in the shoulders!

  • Sarah Hanna

    Can’t stand when bras ride up my back and I have to constantly readjust because I’m pretty top heavy!!

  • These look amazing! I hate when flimsy bras break and stab you. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jess

    I can’t stand small straps or small back straps. Or really thin fabric that feels like it will rip the moment you try it on.

  • Back bulge, or the wire working its way out. Ugh.

  • I hate that bra companies assume that just because I have a big band size that I also have a giant cup size. I generally wear a 42b, but finding b’s in a large band is so difficult.

  • These are so frilly and pretty, I need them in my life!!! I can’t stand how most bras in my size are straight up FUGLY!!

  • carogonza

    The straps don’t support enough or slip off!

  • Stephanie V.

    fit – when it cuts into your body at strange places
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Ritchie Annand

    Underarm irritation. Can irritation make skin tags?

  • agordon10

    always digging underneath

  • kimberly

    No more wires!

  • Jennifer Ann Hayden

    I hate when the straps are so think that they dig into your skin and don’t provide any support.

  • lifeskit

    I hate when my bra straps fall off.

  • Shannon Baas

    I hate they never fit right.

  • jill190

    The underwire that pokes in and hurts. That is my peeve.

  • jeand

    I have a back injury, so any binding around my ribs is a nightmare.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Lorena Keech

    I hate that the band rolls and I have to keep jerking it back down.

  • Erica Carnes

    Straps that slip.

  • Carolyn Daley

    My pet peeve are the straps because they either dig into your shoulders, slide down, or need readjusting.

  • Joe GErsch

    Too big of a bra

  • Tracy Davis

    I don’t like that they never fit quite right.

  • brandy c

    I hate when the straps dig into my shoulder.

  • Cynthia Steyer

    My biggest bra pet peeves are (1) when it gives me back rolls – have to get the bras with the wide sides to help with that, and (2) when they give me uni-boob (wirefree) or cone-boobs! I find the bras that do the best with creating a smooth back are the wirefree ones (generally sports bra types) and so to get the smooth back you also get the uni-boob to some degree. I’m still searching for the perfect bra that give me the smooth back but still give me nicely shaped boobs…sigh…it shouldn’t be this hard!

  • Jovan B.

    When it is cold and certain things are showing through your clothes even though the bra seems like it should be blocking that action. haha

  • Sandy Klocinski

    Seriously, I go ballistic every time I think about the fact that Target and other similar places don’t carry a single bra that will fit me properly. A 38″ or larger rib cage is not that rare, why do the
    retailers pretend that I’m some sort of rare unicorn size. I am not freakishly sized. I think I’m pretty normal looking, and yet, no bras for me in any normal place. Blah!

  • I am a 40D and my pet peeves super padded bras. Um, aren’t I carrying enough on top already? I don’t like it when the straps don’t have enough slack for adjusting.

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  • Kristen

    I don’t like it when they don’t hold you in on the sides.

  • Sheyla Avalos

    Omg! I hate it when I love a bra and then i start checking it out and its a super padded push up bra. I already have big ones I don’t need that extra attention. Secondly I hate it when I buy a bra that fits me well but throughout the day it starts bugging me example: The wire starts poking my ribs. Lastly, I hate flimsy straps! They don’t give you that extra support you need!

  • Angie Schuman

    I would love to win this! I can’t ever find bras that are pretty that fit great!

  • Elle

    I hate when they dig into your shoulders or the underwire.

  • Awesome. Bra shopping is the worst.

  • Kathy Cano-Murillo

    Beautiful! It looks like it feels so luxurious!

  • nancy_conn

    I don’t like the underwire digging into me

  • Alice J Penate

    I would love to try this bra , after breastfeeding my son for two years , I need support for my girls. I always hated that straps would let marks on my shoulders or not good fit around me

  • Pixistyx

    I admit, I recently started to branch out from the LB bras I’ve been wearing for years (gasp!!). I just thought they were my only option so I just kept buying them. I hate when the bra straps fall down and omg, LB’s always do! But now I’ve ordered a few bras from different brands online and I’m absolutely amazed at how many beautiful bras I’ve seen for the full busted/full figured gals like me! It’s wonderful to finally see super sexy and supportive bras and undies for my size! The Jacqueline bra from Creme Bralee is stunning and I want it so bad!

  • Temeka

    I hate when I spill over the top- I also hate when padding is put into plus size bras. Hello I wear a 36DDD I don’t think padding is needed LOL

  • Barrie

    I hate bras where the adjustment shoulder strap slides so my boobs do too…LOL

  • DeeBy

    As a lass with a full bust, I hate not being able to find a supportive strapless bra in my size. I want to wear strappy tops and dresses, but typically cannot because of lack of support. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • StefanieArocha

    My biggest pet peeve is not the wire. That can be taken out but when the hook of the bra loosens up and doesnt snap on anymore to the hook. Bending it makes it worse 🙁

  • J-Hawk Brit

    There’s such a delicate balance between style, comfort, and coverage. Finding the right size is sometimes impossible.

  • Wombie

    I’m a guy so I don’t wear a bra at all but I would like to win one for some lovely girl who does! I think my peeve though is when someone pulls on the strap and lets it go. That would get a bit old.

  • Ashley Bustillo

    I hate how plain bras are for bigger ladies. I recently got resized and am now a 40 DDD. Other than Lane Bryant, I always have trouble finding comfortable, sexy bras.

    Also, underboob chaffing SUCKS.

  • Anne Olson

    I HATE when the underwire breaks and pokes me in the ribs – and also how this only seems to happen when I won’t be able to change for hours!