5 Summer Beauty Changes

Ahhhhhhhh…summer is officially here. I know a lot of you are really happy. Maybe a little too happy to face this blazing heat.  I’m not going lie, it’s not my favorite season. But, living in L.A., I deal with it. I really don’t have a choice. And as the weather changes, so does my beauty routine.

Now, you don’t have to change a thing if you don’t want to. Especially, if what you’re doing works for you in any season. But, if you’re noticing that some of these products aren’t working for your beauty concerns during the hot summer month’s, then maybe you should change a few things.

Shaving Cream

Looks like there will be more days of laying by the pool, going to the beach, and showing off those legs. If you’re a daily shaver during the summer, like me, then you might want to switch out that basic shaving cream. I always look for something that’s more moisturizing and will help with my skin irritation. You know I hate ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Here are my tips to help prevent summer skin problems.


When the weather gets warmer, I love to let my skin breathe. Hello, to makeup-free days! But, then there are the days I want to wear a little something on my skin. That’s when I tend to try something lightweight, like a BB (Beauty Balm) or CC (Color Correction) Cream. They are a lot lighter than my full coverage foundation that I normally wear.


Yes, you’ll always hear me rant about using sunscreen year-round. And that will never change. So, now that you’re showing more skin on those sunny (and even cloudy) days, don’t forget to apply that sun protection daily. Remember, you want a sunscreen that’s “broad spectrum,” protecting against UVA and UVB rays. If you tend to forget to apply it, look into a facial moisturizer and body lotion that already contains SPF.

Hair Care Products

In some parts of the country, you’re more likely going to deal with humid and hot weather. The water found in humid air modifies the hair’s structural protein, which causes each hair’s cuticle to let loose and spring out of control. If this is a concern of yours, then swapping out your hair products that are made for taming frizzy hair may be for you this summer. You may want to also look into a UV protecting shampoo, if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

Chafing Cream

OK, this isn’t a swap out, but anyone who deals with inner thigh rubbing (AKA chub rub) knows how painful it can get. So, adding this to my summer beauty routine is a must for me. There are a lot of options on the market today. But, if I’m ever caught without it, I just add a swipe of my deodorant and it really helps!

What summer beauty changes do you normally make?