My Personal Style Doesn’t Define Me


No, this is not a deja vu. Yes, I’ve written a few times about finding and expressing your personal style. I’ve shared my own tips and even some from my blogger amigas. And no matter what, I always stress the point of wearing what you want and what you love.  But, you should also know that how you dress and what you wear does not define who you are as a person. No matter how many times someone feels the need to remind you.

Well, I’m here to remind you, that who you are on the inside is not always what you wear on the outside. Hasn’t your mom told you a million times to not judge a book by it’s cover! Hello?

As you’ve always seen on this blog, no matter what I wear, I always have to be comfortable. And depending on the weather, where I’m headed, and even what’s clean—my personal style tends to go wherever it wants. Some days I might wear all black, bright colors, a t-shirt and jeans, a baggy blouse, a tight top, a boho maxi dress, or even yoga pants and a tank.

What does this say about me? Who cares? This is what I want to wear and it shouldn’t matter one bit. I can express myself through fashion without having to explain who I am as a person. Underneath it all—I am myself. It’s still me guys!

I guess you can say this post is a little bit of a rant. I’m online a lot and I get so sick and tired of myself and other women being judged for what they have on. Can we just stop it already and focus that energy on something positive?

I am who I am. I wear what I want. And no one can take that away from me, unless I let them. Which I won’t. Be who you are and express your personal style any way you want!

Do you agree with me?
Or do you have your own opinions about personal style defining a person?

  • sandrasays

    Developing a personal style is a journey, an every day struggle. I have a feeling you’ll be writing about it again, since it’s something you’ll address on an ongoing basis… as we all do.


      @sandrasays:disqus it really is a journey!! 🙂

  • This post reminded me of my struggle with shapewear actually. In the beginning I found myself consistently using shapewear with every outfit even though I was hot, sticky, uncomfortable, feeling bloated. ugh! Then I started to notice that I still looked freakin’ awesome without the shapewear when I was wearing a tank and shorts. That my belly was cute, and that overall my outfit was killa’ and I felt comfortable. Now, I am more conscious about when to use shapewear and when not to for me.


      @chica_rosita:disqus yay!! Good for you!! Comfort is always key for me!