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I like to think of myself as a low maintenance kind of person. It doesn’t take much time for me to get ready in the morning. If you follow my blog, then you know I’m a pretty casual kind of girl. It’s just the way I’m wired. It’s never an overthought process. Don’t believe me? Check it out. Come on…get ready with me!

On this day, I was in a major denim on denim kind of mood. You really can’t go wrong with this combo. All I needed was the AVA & VIV Long Sleeve Light Blue Denim Shirt, the AVA & VIV Crop Denim Jeans, and my ankle booties to put this outfit together. These pieces were super easy to style and are really versatile.


Did I mention they’re super comfy too? I really loved the stretch in this denim jean, especially in the tummy area. The minute I picked out what I was wearing, I moved on to my accessories. And since this look is pretty basic, I made sure to choose pieces that would add a pop of color to my outfit. This just might be the most complicated step.


I’m that girl that tries on a billion different pieces of jewelry before deciding on one. Usually, it was the thing I tried on in the first place. For this look, I found this bright yellow beaded statement necklace, pink bracelet, and multi-colored clutch all at Target. They’re perfect for spring and added a lot of color to this denim outfit. After my accessories were all picked out, I made my way on to the beauty process.



For my everyday beauty look, I like to keep it simple and pretty natural. Today, wasn’t anything different. I started with a primer, foundation, a quick swipe of blush/bronzer, mascara, and a soft lip color. All set with a light powder. Of course, I’ve fallen for the e.l.f. cosmetic line, which can be found at Target. This e.l.f Lip Balm Tint in Berry is a new favorite and an addition to my daily beauty routine.


When it came to my hair, I went with a style that was quick and easy. I put together this braid and let my natural waves do their thing. I may have been influenced by all of the festival inspired hairstyles.



Find your style @targetstyle


And that’s it! That’s how I got this look. I told you this wasn’t complicated. And it shouldn’t be. Remember when you’re getting dressed in the morning, just be yourself. Pick out what you love and rock it!

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  • OMG! I’m in love with that outfit. Looks so incredibly comfortable and stylish!!!


      Thank you @vintagemafia:disqus !!!

  • Divina

    I LOVE your looks so you! Very put together with gorgeous touches.


      Thank you @disqus_mcj6uWs8H9:disqus!!

  • I love this!!! Very nice and classic outfit. Great accessories!


      Thank you so much @WhisperingStyle:disqus 🙂

  • Lorie

    Very laid back but stylish. The accessories really amp up the look to fun and polished.


      I love laid back @disqus_EZ6ny4Wpvf:disqus 🙂 thank you!!

  • pearmama

    I scooped up these jeans — LOVE!