Is Plus Size Fashion Getting It Right?

When it comes to the state of plus size fashion—where do I even begin? It feels like this has become a discussion that could start anywhere and end nowhere. I’m pretty sure, if you’re a woman (or a even a man) and you wear a size above the normal range, finding clothing you love has never been easy.

For some people, fashion might not be such a big deal. I mean, they could really care less about it. And that’s totally OK. But, there are some of us who love to express ourselves through the clothes we wear. And when the fashion industry refuses to acknowledge a large percentage of the population, it can feel like a slap in the face.

Yes, we are still discussing this after all these years. Don’t get me wrong, big strides have been made since I first started blogging here in 2010. But, it’s still not enough in my eyes.

You’re probably thinking, “We have our own plus size brands. We don’t need mainstream fashion.” Oh how true that is! We don’t need your stinking fashion!

Even though we have a lot more plus size options today, I think there are only a select few who are currently getting it right. This means there are still a lot of problems within our own fashion industry. Things they refuse to deal with or just like to ignore. Maybe they hope we won’t notice?

Nope. Sorry. We notice.

I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when plus size brands or designers don’t use models that reflect the size and diversity of their customers.

A few years ago, I asked an executive of a plus size brand why they don’t use bigger models. The response: “Bigger models don’t sell clothes?” I wish you were there to see my jaw drop when this was said. Needless to say, this person is no longer in our industry. Thank goodness!

Since day one, this has been a pain in my non-perfect butt. Where are the tummies, rolls, and cellulite? And believe me, not every plus size woman has a hourglass shape. Just saying! It’s so hard to relate or even envision myself in something when a size 12 or 14 is wearing it and I’m a size 18 apple-shaped woman. Fashion shouldn’t be so frustrating!

From here on out, this is what’s going to happen. I’m going to continue to support those in the plus size fashion industry who do get it right, are listening, celebrate women, and don’t fear change—from indie to big name companies. The fact of the matter is, plus size women come in all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds. And if they don’t realize that, it’s their lo$$.

Do me a favor and please do not be afraid to be the change that is needed in the plus size fashion industry. I may be the blogger, but you hold way more power than you think you do. Let your voice be heard. I encourage you to speak up and let your wallet do the talking.

What are you pet peeves with the plus size fashion industry?
What plus size fashion brands do you think are getting it right?
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  • Maz

    A lot of plus sized clothes are really frumpy. This is my big “pet hate”! Just because I am not slender doesn’t mean I want to dress in a garish nylon tent!

  • Jennifer Priest

    I have a pear shaped body so it is hard for me to find shirts without boob pockets made for watermelon boobs. Usually if the shirt has a boob pocket sewn in, then it hangs to my navel. They don’t make shirts like that for sizes smaller than 12 – I have yet to see boob pockets on a size 4 shirt. The other thing is when they cut the fabric in the wrong direction so the pattern will fit more cuts. I stretch the fabric in the store to check. As someone who sews, I know which direction that fabric grain should be running and on 75% of plus size clothes, they are cut wrong because they are trying to get the pattern to fit the fabric so they can get more cuts. That means they will shrink up vertically and not horizontally in the wash. And they will shrink MORE because of the cut and how much of the grain is allowed to shrink by cutting the shorts the wrong direction. I am short so most plus size shirts are long on me (ugh, another pet peeve) but when the grain is cut wrong, they can shrink to crop tops over time. Ok, rant over. I usually shop Macy’s and Torrid and sometimes Avenue for jeans but I cannot do Lane Bryant or Dress Barn or a bunch of the other ones. Bras are another issue – they are made for linebackers so the straps fall off my shoulder if they are the right circumference and then forget about trying to find an A or B cup in plus size. Um, hello, we aren’t all DD+ if we’re plus size! Ok, maybe rant wasn’t over 😉 Thanks for what you’re doing 🙂

  • I would really like to see more super-size clothing at affordable prices. I’m at the top end of the size range at WW and R and the few sites I’ve found that carry cute super-size clothes charge designer label prices for them. Sigh…