7 Reasons You Should Wear Red Lipstick

reasons to wear red lipstick

I’ve decided that life is too short to not rock red lips! I love wearing this shade of lipstick more than you know. Well, maybe you do know because I wear it all the time. In fact, this last week, I had three different women tell me that they wish they could rock red lipstick. I stopped, looked them in the eyes and told them —”you can wear it!” I know a lot of you out there feel the same way, so I put together 7 reasons you should wear red lipstick.

1. Because You Can! Booyah!

There’s no better reason to rock red lips than the fact that you can! Don’t let anyone tell you what color lipstick to wear. Find your favorite shade of red and go…to…town.

2. You’d being doing a disservice to the late Marilyn Monroe if you didn’t.

You don’t want to make the ghost of Marilyn Monroe upset do you? The Hollywood icon was known for her retro red lips. And I don’t know about you, but there’s no better way to honor the starlet.

3. It can make your teeth appear whiter.

You still have to brush your teeth, but just know that a pop of red lipstick can make them appear whiter.

4. Your lips deserve to stand out!

If you wear nude or lighter shades of lipstick, I think your lips may be a little upset with you. They deserve to stand out, so find your red and let them shine!

5. Fun.

Red lips are fun. (Disclosure: I have no scientific proof to back this up.)

6. It’s sexy and innocent at the same time.

A pair of red lips can come off sexy or innocent. In the end, it’s all how you carry yourself and your lips.

7. There’s no wrong shade.

There is no wrong shade of red lipstick. From orange (warmer tones) to blue hues (colder tones), there is one for everyone out there. From bright to dark, choose one you love and rock it!

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