Starting Off 2015 My Way (and Loving It)

Do people really make New Year’s resolutions anymore? I’m sitting here, writing up my first post of 2015 and that’s what’s on my mind. I can’t help but think that a lot of people still do, but the real question should be if any of these people follow through with them or not. I didn’t really make any resolutions or even one of those fancy vision boards. In fact, I started off the new year at my own pace.

And by my own pace, I mean slow…lazy…relaxed…and purposely chill. And it was freaking awesome!


Last year was one of the roughest years on record for me. I lost a lot of people I loved, questioned who I was, doubted myself and my abilities, and even struggled with some personal issues (which I hope to share with you soon).

The second that clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, I was so ready to put it all behind me. Like…buh-bye! Peace out! This meant not worrying about my blog, where I was headed, or who was doing what. I am concentrating on living MY life day by day. Enjoying each moment that has been given to me.

And I vow to carry on the qualities of three family members who passed away last year—my grandmother’s love of family, my cousin’s bravery, and my grandpa’s love of animals. I am going to try to incorporate all of these into everything I do.

One of those qualities is actually going to be carried on over into my blog too! It’s no secret that my grandpa loved and cared for any animal that walked into his life. He practically had a little animal farm going. And most of you know that I have two cats myself and love them like my own kiddos (Yes, I’m a cat lady.) So, starting January 1, 2015, I will only review and feature cruelty-free beauty products on this blog.

This is a personal decision and I definitely do not frown upon any of the past brands I’ve worked with or on any of you that do not use cruelty-free beauty products. Like I said, this is MY decision. I see it as a new adventure in my world of blogging. I look forward to discovering different beauty products.

As always…thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey and I look forward to a kick ass 2015!

  • Thought it was so funny how you ask if anyone even writes resolutions anymore! A day after the year started I sat down and really tried to come up with a list but I couldn’t. I also wondered how many people even do them anymore. Looking back at my also hardest year yet, all I wanted was to move on. Life has a way of surprising and when we put so much mental pressure on achieving things we get disappointed when they don’t happen. Decided instead to focus on one word for the year as a resolution-health. In the end, it’s what I most want for myself. Best wishes on a new year and may an abundance of blessings come your way!


      You’re so right about life having a way of surprising us! I love your idea of focusing on a word instead of resolutions. Sounds a lot more doable. Wishing you the best 2015!!