Mixing Prints (With a Little Help)


We all know I’m not the boldest one in the room. But, that’s definitely something I’m working on. And I couldn’t do it with a little help from my friends. It’s a good idea to have some amazing supporters on your side, who are well-versed in creating their own personal style. So, when I have an event to attend, need last-minute styling advice, and am considering mixing prints—who did I call?

One of the first people on my list is Ivory Jinelle of course! Not only is she an amazing friend, but she has great personal style. I was invited to cover the Vida Lexus and Te Para Tres musical concert series and was putting together a few outfit ideas.

I told Ivory about this Brushed Animal Dress that Fashion to Figure sent me (and is now on sale). And her first thought was to pair it with this striped kimono in my closet (that I wore here). I’m not going to lie…I was hesitant to try it out. I’m not usually into mixing prints. But, the night of the event came and I was feeling a little daring. Come on! I was going to watch a band named Kinky perform!

I threw the kimono over this (comfy) dress, took a few pics, and sent them over for approval. In my head Ivory is my personal stylist, who I pay with hugs and pancakes. Make sure you check out her blog www.ivoryjinelle.com for some serious style inspiration.

What I’m wearing: Fashion to Figure Brushed Animal Dress (3X), HM Kimono, Fashion to Figure animal print clutch (not available), and Lane Bryant Cara City Heel Ankle Boot.




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