Inside the Mind of a Last Minute Shopper

A few years ago, I wrote about being a last minute shopper. It turns out, I’m still that person. I literally wait until the day of an event or an occasion to run to the mall to get an outfit together. As you can guess, it’s very exhausting! I envy those who plan outfits weeks or days in advance!

I don’t do it on purpose. At least I don’t think I do. It just kind of happens that way. Maybe I’m a sucker for the thrill of it all? When it does go down—about 99.9% of the time, it goes a little something like this (I used a few gifs to give you a look inside my mind).

How far along do you prepare your outfits for an event? Or are you a last minute shopper like me?

At first I’m excited. I can’t wait to see everyone! It’s going to be so much fun!

Then reality sets in. Wait…what am I going to wear? I don’t have anything good in my closet! I can’t be seen twice in something I’ve already worn. I don’t have much time, but I have to get over to the mall to find something!

Along comes the panic. I can’t find anything! Why are all the cute clothes in straight sizes? Why can’t they make that in my size? It’s no fair!

Then I torture myself. This is why I hate trying things on! Why doesn’t anything fit me? Did I gain weight? I blame the holidays!

I think I found something! Finally a piece of clothing I like and it fits! Wait…how much is it? I’m not going to pay that much on something I’m only going to wear one time!

I refuse to settle and give up! I’ll just keep looking.

Success! Yeah baby! I found something that fits, it’s under my budget, and it looks awesome! *Runs to cash register*

As I drive home I realize I’m exhausted and disappointed in myself. I tell myself that I’m never waiting until the last minute to go shopping again.

Next event rolls around…

Annnnnnd repeat…

Featured image by Ian Britton via Flikr.

  • wow! Que verdad lo que compartes y que buen consejo al mismo tiempo. I really enjoyed every single sentences of this post, y las fotitos explicando todo as well 🙂 <3


      Thank you!! @WhisperingStyle:disqus