Be Different. Be Amazing.

It’s such an amazing feeling to be passionate about something in life, especially when it makes you happy. Unfortunately, there’s a chance you will come across people who will try to rattle your happy little cage, take away your blissfulness, and make you feel like you’re not good enough-whether it’s on purpose or not.

monique-fraustoYeah, we’ve all been there. And that’s kind of where I was recently.

In the beginning, they loved me. But, then they learned I didn’t fit their mold or expectations. And because I didn’t fit into the idea of what they thought I should be, I was being left out. Ultimately, I was made to feel like I wasn’t good enough.

I’ve never felt like I’ve had anything to prove to anyone—maybe just myself. I’ve always been my own person. Doing what I want, not what others think I should be doing.

That’s why I was so irritated that I allowed this to bother me. Like, seriously…there are real world problems going on and I let this get to me? For a brief second, they had me questioning my worth!

Besides, it’s like the late Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

This quote was just the reminder I needed.  There’s no way I’m going to allow anyone to make me feel like I don’t matter. Besides, I love that I don’t fit in a box like the others. And we all know I don’t need their approval to be happy.

I know who I am and I will not let anyone define me.

We live in a world where it’s suggested that being different makes you weird. Wrong. Being different makes you amazing.

Be yourself…your truly wonderful splendidly beautiful self.

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  • You are authentic, amazing, brilliant, and kind! I still remember the first day I met you and how welcoming you were. Can’t no one steal your shine!!! xoxox


      Thank you from the bottom of my hear amiga!! @Rubydw:disqus You know I love ya and feel the same way about you! Miss you! xoxo

  • Judy Lopez Correa Casey

    You go girl,we’re all Special in our own way. Thank you for the support. Love you Blogs.


      Awwwwwww thank you @judylopezcorreacasey:disqus!! Love you!!