3 Signs You Suffer From Dry Winter Skin

This is a compensated post in collaboration with Lubriderm.

Yes, I am that person who deals with dry skin every winter. I’ve discussed it here before. Whenever the colder weather hits I suffer. Even though I live in Los Angeles, it still gets chilly and my skin feels it. I couldn’t imagine living in colder weather. When I’m dealing with dry winter skin, I look a little something like this.

I know I’m not alone. A lot of you probably deal with it too. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), skin becomes dry when it loses too much water or oil. It makes sense, especially when we’re exposing it to the cold and dry weather.

Here are three signs that you could be suffering from dry winter skin, according to AAD (and how to fix it):

  • Itchy skin.
  • Rough, scaly, or flaking skin.
  • Cracked skin/lips and chapped lips.

How to Heal Dry Winter Skin

  • Moisturize: Use a moisturizing lotion daily. Find one that is specifically formulated with vitamins and nutrients naturally found in your skin, like Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion. It provides immediate and long-lasting relief for extra-dry skin.
  • Do Not Use Hot Water: According to AAD, hot water can remove your natural skin oils more quickly. They recommend using warm water for bathing. Also, try moisturizing immediately after your baths or showers.
  • Cover Up Skin: Don’t forget to cover up this winter. This includes long sleeves, scarves, gloves, ear muffs, knit caps, and even a face mask if you’re out in severe cold weather.
How do you take care of your dry winter skin?

As a Lubriderm Ambassador, I have access to a lot of their lotions and I have to say their Advanced Therapy Lotion is hands down my favorite. It smells great, is nice and thick without feeling greasy, and it actually works! I not only use it all over my body, but I keep it right next to my hand wash. So, after I wash them I immediately apply it. You can ask anyone who has washed their hands in my bathroom sink!

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Moisturizing Lotion

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Moisturizing Lotion is clinically shown to provide relief for extra dry skin, making it healthier-looking and more resilient in just one week. The formula, infused with Vitamins B5 and E as well as essential lipids naturally found in healthy skin, soothes and moisturizes, leaving skin soft and supple.

Disclosure: This post is intended for entertainment purposes only. Any and all opinions in this post are 100% true and my own. Seek a doctors help for any medical concerns.