This is my Makeup Life (and All My Fails)

It’s no secret that I’m not a makeup professional. I wasn’t even allowed to wear makeup until I was 17, although that didn’t stop me from wearing it at school and taking it off before I got home. My mom never showed me how to wear it and what not to do. In fact, my makeup life has been one stumbling block after another. Learning as I go.

This is my makeup life.

Me watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

I just don’t get it! Contouring? Blending? Huh?

That moment when ANYTHING (moisturizer, eyeliner, an eye lash, mascara—pick one) gets in my eye.

It never fails. I just may be the queen of getting stuff in my eye.

Always questioning if I need more blush…

If I question it, then maybe I do need more. A little more? Just a tad bit more.

My attempt at a smokey eye…every single time.

I don’t think I was blessed with the gene that helps you perfect the smokey eye.

If you tell me I should wear false lashes.

First of all…no.

I ran out of…(insert makeup product here)!

It doesn’t even matter what it is.

Do I have lipstick on my teeth?

Yes, I’m that person.

My makeup is perfect. Plans get canceled.

Devastating beyond measure.

Realizing I forgot to take my makeup off before going to bed.

One night won’t hurt…right? Yeah right, my skin will freak out tomorrow.

Wait…you want a makeup artist to do my makeup?

Is that even a question?

Raise your hand if any of these are you?

  • kathy

    hahah!! love it, i can so relate!!!!


      LOL Kathy!!

  • pearmama

    I AM that smokey eye gif forever and ever


      Yessssss @pearmama:disqus …we need smokey eye help.

  • Arlene

    Loving the smokey eye gif! Bahahha


      Yeah, that’s one of my favorites! LOL!

  • Candy O.

    I quit trying to smokey eye on me a long time ago.. I love putting on makeup though.. 🙂


      I will not give up! LOL!