Breaking the (Plus-Size) Fashion Rules

Aren’t you sick and tired of people telling you what you shouldn’t wear as a plus-size woman? I know I am. There are a lot of fashion rules out there, but of course there are some that are specifically targeted to us. You may or may not follow them, and that’s up to you. Just so you know, I’m not following anyone’s fashion rules except my own.

Of course this post was inspired by a personal incident. A photo of me wearing the striped kimono below was shared on a popular plus-size social media page. And the first comment it generated was of another woman saying that big women shouldn’t wear stripes. Oh silly commenter…don’t you know that’s an old and busted rule? Yes, she’s entitled to her opinion and so am I.

By the way, I read a post that told plus-size women to carry bigger handbags so we can look smaller. Hahahaha…what?

I rounded up a few of these ridiculous “rules” and some women I follow on Instagram who are doing an awesome job breaking them. Break away beautiful ladies.

Do you have a fashion rule you have to follow? One you’ll never break?

You Shouldn’t Wear Stripes

Not only do I really love this kimono, but I’m a fan of anything with stripes—horizontal or vertical.

Don’t Mix Prints

One of the hottest trends shouldn’t be just for straight sizes. Ivory does an amazing job mixing all kinds of prints. And she’s kills it ever time!

A photo posted by IvoryJinelle (@ivoryjinelle) on

Floral Prints are Not Your Friend

Floral prints should be worn by all…and they are. I love how Reah styled this floral sweatshirt with boyfriend jeans for a casual look.

A photo posted by Reah Norman (@styledbyreah) on

Refrain from Wearing Formfitting Dresses

If you want to show off your curves in a formfitting dress, then more power to you. Kristine looks stunning in this body hugging houndstooth two piece set.

A photo posted by TrendyCurvy (@mskristine) on

Bright Colors are a No No

Huh? What? Are dark colors our only option? Jay shows us how to rock a bright pair of red trousers. Chic!

A photo posted by Jay Miranda (@pinklip) on

Don’t Wear Bold Prints

Afraid bold prints will make you look bigger? Don’t be fooled! Look at how Allison is rocking this print.

A photo posted by allison teng (@curvygirlchic) on

Stay Away from Crop Tops

We know this one has been broken over and over. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Jessica is crop top crazy and I love it!

A photo posted by Jessica Torres (@tinyredshoes) on

Never Wear All-White

Last, but not least, add this rule to the ridiculous list. Chastity is proving them all wrong while rocking this all-white suit.

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