9 Fall-Friendly Plus-Size Trench Coats

Who’s looking for a fall coat? I’m definitely in the market. A few weeks ago, I posted a City Chic trench coat on my Facebook page—that I fell in love with. Then I visited their store the other day and came across another one I want. I’ve been thinking about them ever since. I never really considered buying one before, but there are some really great plus-size trench coats out there. I went searching online and found 9 great options. 

We all know that trench coats are a classic outerwear silhouette, long or short.  What I love is that normally they come in khaki, but I found them in a great range of colors—including mustard! I’m not going to lie, that one is my favorite. Since it  doesn’t get that cold here in L.A., these coats are perfect for our weather.

Which of the plus-size trench coats below do you love?

1. ASOS Curve 2. London Fog 3. Calvin Klein 4. City Chic 5. DKNY 6. DKNY 7. Michael Kors 8. Land’s End 9. DKNY

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