DIY Plus-Size Halloween Costume / Zombie Prom Queen

Halloween is right around the corner my loves! Are you ready? I’m guessing a majority of you aren’t. I assume that, because I’m not. Well, after the Mary Poppins costume idea, I have a really easy DIY plus-size Halloween costume idea for you! I created this costume a few years ago and it was really inexpensive and fun. And you can add your own level of personality and creativity to it! How would you like to become a Zombie Prom Queen?

Blame it on the television show The Walking Dead, but zombies have been a hot Halloween costume idea lately. I don’t mind it at all, because what is Halloween without the creepy, bloody, and ghoulish stumbling around all night? On a side note, I’m usually a big scaredy cat when it comes to all things horror. But, for some reason I’m a big fan of dressing up. Go figure!

I was inspired to give you my tips on recreating this deadly look, when I ran across these two costumes on—the Putrid Prom Queen Adult Plus Costume ($74.99) and Drop Dead Gorgeous Adult Plus Costume ($54.99). Don’t get me wrong, these are great costumes, but if you’re like me and want to save a few dollars this Halloween—there’s nothing wrong with making something like this yourself.

Below, I’ll give you a list of the items you’ll need to create this look. Then I’ll include my tips and ideas on how you can save money and add your own personal touches.

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DIY Zombie Prom Queen Checklist:

Prom Dress
Satin Gloves
Makeup Kit w/Fake Blood
Evening Shoes
Jewelry (optional)

My Tips:
  • Prom Dress: Any dress you use for this look should be one you don’t mind destroying. If you don’t have an old prom dress or even old bridesmaids dress on-hand, then head to your local thrift store. The one I’m wearing above was only $5.99. When you find the perfect dress feel free to rip holes, shred the bottom, and even cover it in fake blood. Want to look like you just rose from the grave? Cover your dress in dirt, glue or sew on some dried leaves and sticks.
  • Tiara: Don’t go out of your way for the perfect sparkling tiara. I found the plastic one I’m wearing above at a party store. I think it was only $2.99. I placed it on my head, purposely crooked, and pinned it in using bobby pins. If you’re doing the “I just walked out of a grave look,” break a piece of the tiara off and even add sticks or leaves to your hair.
  • Satin Gloves: Once again, use gloves you don’t mind messing up. I picked these up at a local bridal store. Get creative with these too—rip them, shred them, and/or splatter fake blood on them.
  • Sash: I didn’t have my Prom Queen Sash, but I wish I did! Here’s a tutorial on how you can make one.
  • Makeup Kit w/Fake Blood: This is where your super creative side comes out. I went with a pale face/chest, dark eyes, and smeared lipstick.  I found this Vampire Makeup Kit online ($4.99) that can help you create your look.
  • Evening Shoes: Wear whatever shoes that are comfortable…that’s my only advice here.
  • Jewelry: This is optional, but if you do add jewelry there’s a chance the makeup and fake blood can get on it. I’d suggest cheap costume jewelry.

These are only a few ideas or tips to get you started!

These are only a few ideas or tips to get you started! Do you have any tips for a Zombie Prom Queen look?

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