Personal Style Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

When we were little, we played “dress-up.” We ran around in clothes that made us feel amazing. We could care less about what other people thought of us. We were young, free-spirited, and had an imagination that ran wild. As we got older things changed. We are now self-conscious, confined by society’s views of what is considered beautiful, and we realize we are not the little kids we once were. The minute we became adults our personal style instantly became questionable and judging eyes were upon us.

Today, some of us might feel like we can’t dress the way we truly want. For whatever reason, we feel held back. And we end up coveting what others wear (like celebrities and style bloggers). Instead of letting their style inspire us, we’re letting it dictate what we should wear. We end up feeling like—if we can’t dress that way, then we’re not stylish. This is wrong on so many levels.

Personal style is just that…personal. It’s what YOU love, feel confident in, and can express who YOU are as person—regardless of what the fashion world thinks. We must always dress to impress ourselves first.


Believe me, personal style does not have to be this hard! I put together a quick list of personal style tips that will hopefully inspire you to dress the way you truly want!

1. Be Inspired

Let fashion and the style of others inspire you. When you find an outfit you like on someone else, think about how you can re-create this look yourself. Don’t just dwell on how bad you want to wear it. Let the styling ideas flow—write it down if you have to. How can you fit this look into your lifestyle? What do you already have in your closet? Where and when will you wear it?

2. Dress Fearlessly

Never be afraid of fashion. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again and again—have fun with fashion. You should never be afraid to wear what you love and feel comfortable in. Who cares what other people think? This is your body, your life, your money, and you will dress it however you like. That is all.

3. Forget the Rules

Rules? What rules? Wear crop tops, stripes, mix prints, bright colors, baggy clothes, dark colors, tight clothes…whatever you want. The new “rule” in fashion is that there are NO RULES!

4. Invest in Yourself

In the past, I admit to not spending the money (when I have it) on myself. Today, I know that if there is something I love and I can afford it—then I will invest in the purchase. And because I love it, I know it will be worn a lot. This one piece can and will inspire many outfits that reflect my personal style.

5. Take a Risk

Personal style is all about discovery, right? See something you really like? Not sure if it will look good on you? When in doubt—make sure you try it on! Snap a photo of yourself wearing it and think it over if you’re still undecided.

6. Baby Steps

If these tips are too much for you, just take baby steps. There’s no need to rush into it. Are bold colors and prints more of your thing, but you’re a little uneasy about incorporating them into your outfits? Then start by adding a pair of shoes, a bag, or even a scarf.

7. Comfort is Key

Always remember that you will be your happiest when you are comfortable. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, if you are physically and mentally comfortable in what you are wearing, then that is what truly brings an outfit together and let’s your style shine through.

8. Trust Your Instincts

We’re all human and we often doubt ourselves. And that’s O.K. Let’s start by working on trusting our own fashion choices. Know what you love and be prepared to rock ever single thing you wear. Besides, who knows you better than…well…you?

Have you already discovered your own personal style? Share you own tips with us below!!

  • Yani

    This is excellent! As I am new to blogging I feel as though I am reinventing my style. I am so looking forward to new statement pieces and really investing in me for once.


      Thank you @disqus_ycuamlnj44:disqus! Good for you!

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