7 Fall Prints I Have My Eye On

The fall season never disappoints when it comes to prints. Well, at least that’s my opinion. I’m not one to over do it, but I do have a special place in my heart for those who can rock the fiercest prints and even mix them. I was doing a little online shopping and came across seven fall prints that caught my attention.

Remember never fear prints, rock them, mix them, and have fun! Don’t live by the stigma that plus size gals can’t wear them. Wear them proud!

Here are the prints and the seven items I want to get my hands on. Click on through to check them out!


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PLAID: This season you’ll find plaid in a range of colors. The tartan print above is the more traditional and common print. You may have seen me rocking a black and white plaid print here.

LEOPARD: Let’s be honest, this animal print never goes anywhere. It’s popular through every season. As it should be. The dress I found above can be worn any time of the year. It’s so fun!

CAMOUFLAGE: I once swore to never wear this print, due to wearing it almost every day for five years during my time in the military. But, I really love when it’s done a little dark and fancy like the jacket above.

DARK FLORAL: If you’re a lover of floral prints in the spring and summer, you’ll love the dark floral print that’s out and about. Mostly seen on blazers, tops, skirts, and dresses—don’t be afraid to find a pant you love in this print!

BAROQUE: I’ve seen the baroque print on a lot of knits—like the sweater dress above. But, it can also be found on t-shirts too. This can be a little tricky to some, but I love it’s “swirly” touches.

TRIBAL: I like that this print has carried on from season to season. I’m especially loving it on knitwear like the cardigan above. If you have a dress from the spring or summer you want to wear, throw on some opaque tights and a long cardigan sweater to give it that fall touch.

HOUNDSTOOTH: When I see the houndstooth print come out on knits and outerwear, I know fall is officially here. This coat above is super chic and perfect for fall and right into winter.


Which of the fall prints above is your favorite? Or do you have one I didn’t include?

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  • I’m a sucker for plaid and camouflage but while I love seeing them on the rack I can never seem to pluck up the courage to buy them and put it on. Maybe this year I’ll give it a shot. 🙂