5 Apps to Help You Survive NYFW

If you’re headed to New York Fashion Week (NYFW), I may be a tiny bit jealous of you. Yes, I know plus size designs never hit the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week runway, but I’d still love to experience it just once. I’d use it as inspiration of course in my own so-called fashion life. Now, I know NYC is not perfect. Believe me, I’ve heard the crazy stories. So, I put together a list of apps that I found on my tablet that could help you navigate and survive NYFW.

As part of the Intel Tablet Crew, I was sent an awesome ThinkPad. And just so you know, I found all of these FREE apps in the Windows Store. You can find alternatives to these apps using whatever device you have. Learn more about Intel Tablets!

Besides having a tablet on hand to keep up with your social media accounts and to take photos and videos—you should download a few apps to help you survive NYFW. Because, we all know how important it is to be able to get around and navigate through one of the busiest cities on the planet during one of the busiest weeks of the year.



Whenever I’m in NYC, I always have to have access to a map. The city can get a little confusing if you’re a visitor. The Maps app does it all. You can map any location, get directions, and find a businesses information (like phone number and website).


OK, you have to know what the weather is going to be like during NYFW. Will you need to bring an umbrella or a scarf? Or should you just leave your jacket at home? This is one of my favorite apps, for their hourly weather updates alone.


You either love or hate the subway. Sometimes catching a taxi is hard and it can get a little pricey. Or it may be too far to walk. Just take the subway already! The NYC Subway Map is just what it’s name suggests. No bells or whistles. A simple map of the NYC Subway system and line status.


I’ve never seen anyone use this app before and I can’t guarantee it will work. I just think it’s awesome! The Taxi Catcher is literally a yellow sign that say’s “TAXI” and will even blink on and off to catch a taxi driver’s attention. Hey, I guess it won’t hurt when everyone and their mom is trying to hail a cab during NYFW.


You’re going to be hungry after all those fashion shows and parties. The I’m Hungry app uses your location, with the help of Yelp and Foursquare, to find restaurants near you (or a specified location). It even saves your last four locations for easy access. Comes with restaurant ratings and directions to the spot via a car or walking.

Do you have apps you love to use during NYFW? Please share below!

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