5 Ways to Refresh an Office Wardrobe

Does your office wardrobe needs some refreshing? Are you wearing the same things over and over? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Believe me, you’re not the only one. And because I love ya, I’m here to help you wake things up in your closet.  Here are my five favorite tips on how to refresh an office wardrobe. 

Get Your Older Suits Tailored

Before you even go shopping for any of the below, take your already existing work suits and get them tailored. Not only will you save money when you don’t have to buy new suits, but they will be fitted to your shape. Besides, most of the older suit styles for women are boxy and not made to enhance those curves!

Add a Statement Blazer

Bringing a work wardrobe to life can be as easy as adding a statement blazer. Find one in a bold color or with embellishments, like studding. Don’t be afraid to try on jewel tone colors like magenta or cobalt.
Statement Blazer

Kasper Plus Size Studded Jacket, Calvin Klein Plus Size Blazer,  Kasper Plus Size Metallic Tweed Blazer

Try Different Skirt Silhouettes

The basic black work skirt has definitely been updated. Today there are more silhouettes to choose from like pencil, asymmetrical, fluted, or flippy. Find one that fits your taste.


Lane Bryant Zipper Slit Ponte Skirt, Lane Collection’s Asymmetric Zipper Skirt, Fluted Skirt, Ponte Flippy Skirt 

Kick it Up a Notch with Your Accessories

You know I’m already a fan of accessories. And when it comes to career wear, this is one of my favorite and easiest ways kick it up a notch. I always recommend adding a layered necklace or a skinny scarf to your look. Even your eye glasses can get in on the action.


BP. Beaded Layering Necklace, Prada 54mm Optical Glasses,Ted Baker London ‘Opulent Bloom’ Skinny Scarf

Work in Different Textures and Prints

We get so used to normal suit material, that we forget that there are other options out their. And it’s as easy as finding pieces in different textures and prints to alternate with the basic black, navy, or grey classics. Try pinstripes, tweed, and herringbone—but also check out (faux) leather blazers or skirts. Also, a pair of printed slacks or a skirt can awaken your look.


Simply Be Luxe Jacquard Pant, Wet Look Quilted Crop Jacket, Knitted Skirt

What are your tips on refreshing an office wardrobe?

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  • Such great tips, I agree a crisp blazer never fails!


      Thank you @hell_notes_for_beauty:disqus!

  • This post popped up while I was applying to internships. Great timing. Will keep these tips in mind!


      @disqus_tDSTpzjIBg:disqus Great!! Good luck on your internship search!