For Him: Parker & Pine Review (Giveaway Closed)

Is there a science when it comes to men’s underwear? I’ve never really given it much thought. Whenever I go shopping for my hubby, I just grab the ones that look the most comfortable. Usually they’re cotton, tagless, and in the shape of a boxer brief. That’s about it. I’ve especially never given any thought to men’s big and tall underwear. That is until now—and I can thank Parker & Pine for that.

They’ve revolutionized underwear for the big and tall man. From fit to fabric, their boxer brief is all my hubby wants to wear now. I can’t blame him. The modern cut of their new boxer brief has a longer inseam that reduces chafing. It’s also designed with an angled non-slip waist, a contoured pouch for increased support and comfort, and a strategically placed mesh zone for breathability. It’s also made from a fabric called Tencel, which feels like silk and is said to be more breathable and absorbent than cotton.

They’re available in sizes XL to a 4X and come in three different colors: Cobalt Blue, Ninja Black, and Arctic White. You’ll have a chance to enter to win your own pair below!

Parker & Pine sent my hubby a pair in Cobalt Blue to try out and here’s what he loved most about them:

  • They’re really comfortable. He was worried about them initially, but after a long and busy day he said that they were the most comfortable pair of underwear he’s ever worn.
  • The cooling factor. Although he works in an office, he’s outside walking around most of the time. He said that these boxer briefs kept him cool and dry.
  • No worrying about chafing. On most hot summer days, he has to worry about chafing. But, in these he didn’t even have to think about it.

Sorry to disappoint you all, but hubby wasn’t interested in modeling for us. But, I can tell you he looked very nice in them (you can take my word for it). I will admit, the price of these boxer briefs scared me a bit. At $29 a pair, I wasn’t sure if they were worth it. But, after seeing how much he loved them and how happy they made them, I have no problem buying him a few more pairs. I’m eyeing their three pack.


Parker & Pine wants to give two readers their own pair of these revolutionary underwear! Enter via the widget below!

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  • I think my man needs to try these. 🙂

  • Jamie Walls

    I’d choose blue. My husband would love these!

  • Emilee Mattie

    I would choose blue! Having a colorful and comfy option for mens extended size underwear is something we need to see more of. These will definitely be in my future gift list for my boyfriend.

  • jessica

    I think my hunny would like these.

  • Amanda Powers

    I’d love to let my husband try these!

  • Nichole

    I think my hubby would like these – he already wears boxer briefs but these are much more stylish! I’d choose the cobalt blue for him.

  • ShonH

    I have two pair of these now, I’m glad to have been on of those men they surveyed when designing these amazing boxer briefs!!!

  • Elizabeth Beadles

    i bet my husband!! We love red or blue.

  • atchka

    I want emerald green underwear please! I would never buy $30 underwear in real life, but I promise to treat them as though I had. Thank you for your consideration.

    Man Who Buys Cheap Boxers

  • Denial Renae Nichols

    I’d choose the blue.

  • Karen

    Would pick the blue ones for hubby.

  • Amy

    I would choose white.

  • cynthiac

    I would choose Ninja Black color.

  • RidaAllen

    I would choose the cobalt blue for my hub. He was JUST complaining about underwear LAST NIGHT! Fingers crossed for the win…

  • Kelly H.

    I’d choose the cobalt blue.

  • Lyndi Malarchuk

    I would choose the Limited Summer Edition: Parker Orange. My hubby would lovelovelove them!!

  • NotEd

    Probably go for the cobalt blue over here.

  • Johann Empunkt

    I would love the black color! 🙂

  • rtrexel64

    I like the cobalt blue

  • Deborah Gardner

    I’d love to get a summer edition for my man!

  • Deborah Gardner

    I would get a summer edition bright pair for my man.

  • Erica Carnes

    Ninja black.

  • Caitlin McClure

    I’d choose blue

  • kathy pease

    I would choose the cobalt blue

  • Angela N Winesburg

    I’d choose the blue.

  • Renee C

    I’d choose the cobalt blue for my hubby.


    I’d bring sexy back with the Cobalt Blue!

  • Sue J

    I really like the cobalt blue!

  • lilyk

    I would choose Arctic White.