L’Oreal Paris Summer Giveaway (Closed)

Update: L’Oreal Paris has given me a few more products to add to the giveaway. So, now there will be two winners. Read about them below!

It’s just hot out you guys. Like over the top hot this summer and it’s only mid July. The sun is blaring and our skin is burning. Mine kind of feels like it’s melting. It’s really not, that might just be a little dramatic. What I do know for sure is that you need your sunscreen this summer and the suncare protection. So, I reached out to my friends at L’Oreal Paris for an impromptu giveaway.

The L’Oreal Paris Advanced Suncare collection offers 13 products to choose from, for your face and your body. It’s formulated with an advanced photostable patented UV filter system, powerful antioxidants and luxurious lightweight textures. Their entire range is designed for every skin tone under the sun, that’s always appreciated!

And your skin will not only be protected from the harsh rays, but it will help you keep it healthy. The line is filled with antioxidants that will help protect against free radicals. It contains a combination of grapeseed oil, sea buckthorn oil, shea oil and sunflower seed oil works to soften and nourish skin, while providing deeper protection below the surface of skin that’s under UV exposure.

Loreal Paris Advanced Suncare Giveaway

The new L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle collection is an advanced formula that hopes to take your hair to the next level! You can boost it, sleek it, txt it, curve it, or lock it. So many options…so few days. Seriously, do you know how many different looks you can put together this summer with these products?loreal-paris-advanced-hairstyle

One lucky winner will enjoy the rest of their summer with L’Oreal Paris Advanced Suncare Invisible Protect Sheer Spray 30, Advanced Suncare Silky Sheer Face Lotion 50+, and the Advanced Suncare Invisible Protect Dry Oil Spray 30.


Another lucky winner will win the L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Strand-Smoother Serum Spray, Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Volume Inject Mousse, and the Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray.

Enter via the widget below! (If you’ve previously entered, you will not be able to enter again. You will still be eligible for either prize.)

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  • Btty M’ Ruiz

    my family and I love to go to beach wing

  • Margaret T Breese

    Going to a local Syracuse Chiefs game at NBT stadium for an afternoon game….sunscreen is a must!!!!!!



  • Erika926

    Going to the beach and yes applying and using sunscreen is important for skin protection.

  • Alexandra Swan

    My fave summer activity is Bootcamp class outdoors. I both hate it and love it.

  • Inga

    Spending a great deal of time in the backyard relaxing, reading, and hanging with friends and family.

  • Nancy C

    Hiking up a trail to a favorite swimming hole and then jumping into the water

  • Maria Conn

    Spending a day at the beach and swimming in the ocean

  • Greisy Wardsworth

    Yo disfruto mucho ir a la playa aqui en Miami hay cada actividad para disfrutar del verano eterno alquilo bicicleta para conocer un poco mas la ciudad jugar voleiball playa al igual que hacer castillo de arena junto a mi hijo
    Gracias por el sorteo

  • Deirdre

    Swimming! Thanks!

  • karelk

    Going to the beach is my favorite summer activity.

  • Em Mahr

    I’d like to win the Advanced Suncare package because my job requires that I work outside a lot and I’m always looking for a good sunscreen.

  • diesel51

    The sun care would be great because I live in a very warm climate year round and sunscreen and sun protection is a must.

  • buzzd

    haircare as my hair needs help

  • Danielle Marie

    the sunscreen would be amazing for me. i am really pale and use sunscreen all the time.


  • cynthiac

    I would like the L’Oreal Paris Advanced Suncare collection because I use sunscreen and think it is important to protect skin from UV rays.

  • jeand

    With my light skin, I definitely need the skincare collection. Thanks!

  • Monique Rizzo

    The hair care set because my hair needs more help than my skin!!

  • Tarah

    I’d love both but I would pick the hair set first. I’m always trying to figure out new ways to make my hair look awesome, I’d love to try their line out!

  • deana c

    I would like the hairstyle collection because I spend a lot of time in the pool in the summer and my hair needs some tlc!

  • Deb Ford

    I would love to win the hair collection because my hair has been so dry and dull lately….it needs some help

  • tatertot374

    I would like the hairstyle collection as my hair could always use some help

  • I most want to win the suncare collection because I need to take better care of my skin.

  • anne hill

    definitely the L’Oreal Paris Advanced Suncare collection cuz i have read about it & it’s highly recommended.

  • Penny Snyder

    Would love to win the L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray, L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Volume Inject Mousse, and L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Strand Smoother Serum-Spray. Summer is hard on my hair & would love to try these products!!~

  • susan1215

    I would love to win the hair collection because my hair is so dry.

  • Lisa Voyce

    I am getting older and still spend a lot of time it the sun, so the skin package is the one I would pick.

  • Brittney House

    I would like to try the skincare collection because my skin really needs some help.

  • Karen Drake

    I want to win the hairstyling set because my hair is dry and damaged and needs help.

  • Jill Myrick

    I would love to win the hair collection and hopefully it would allow me to add some body or lift to this long hair of mine.


  • Mihaela Day

    Going to the beach is our favorite summer activity.

  • Erica Carnes

    Skincare for me because I’m very sensitive to the sun!

  • jules mcnubbin

    i would love the haircare products because my hairs frizzy in summer and i would love for it to be sleek and shiny

  • tinareynolds

    My hair really really really needs the hairstyle collection

  • Francine Anchondo

    I would like to try the skincare collection because I like trying new products

  • CandieL

    i need the sun protection.We just got back from the beach and we are all crispy. We used sun screen also. Thank you

  • shayne livingston

    I would love the hair care package. I do a lot of swimming and like to keep my hair soft.

  • Cheri Erhart

    Need lots of SPF in the desert sun

  • Kylie Mccartney

    The hairstyle collection because i love trying new hair products!

  • Miki Baxter

    I’d like to win the hairstyle collection – the products look amazing, and I need all the help I can get to make this straight, fine hair have volume and look great!

  • Alina Moore

    I would like to try The L’Oreal Paris Advanced Suncare collection.

  • Bob T

    loreal make the best hair care products that both men and women can use

  • Greisy Wardsworth

    me.gustaria ganar la coleccion de protectores solares porque vivo en Miami y es super importante usar protección a toda hora gracias por el sorteo

  • Kelly

    Gotta love the skincare line, especially with super sensitive, pale skin. Anything that can get me out in the sun having fun and staying healthy is a winner with me!

  • susansmoaks

    i want to win the skincare collection because i wear a ton of sunscreen

  • Carolyn D.

    The skincare. As a “woman of a certain age”, I am very conscious of my skin. Thanks!

  • cherri hatala


  • gc13182

    The skincare collection, my gf is pale skin and needs as much skin protection as can b

  • Elaine

    I’d like to win the skincare collection because I live in a desert in Nevada – it’s REALLY hot here!

  • Sarah Jestings

    I would love to win the Hair care items Because my hair is very unmanageable and I am always looking for new products to try.

  • luci

    I waould love the advanced hair care cause I have horrid hair that needs a lot of tlc

  • Tim Moss

    I want the skin care collection because I’m out in the sun a lot & could use it. I’m sure my wife could use it too.

  • ktgonyea

    I would LOVE the Hairstyle Package to help tame my crazy locks !!

  • Lauren U

    I’d like the skincare selection. I spend a lot of time in the sun and want to protect my skin.

  • kathy pease

    I’d love the suncare products since I swim daily

  • Buddy Garrett

    I would like to win the hair products. My wife loves L’Oreal.

  • Sue J

    I would love to win the hair care giveaway – my hair is in such terrible condition – it’s finally gotten long, but it’s thinning out and not behaving at all!

  • Laurie Emerson

    I would like to win the L’Oreal Paris Advanced Suncare a I am always out in the sun and need all the protection I can get.

  • Marcy Strahan

    I would most love the hair care because I want beautiful hair! I started takibg Biotion & now want to pamper my hair & these products sounds awesome! I bet my hair would be fabulous!

  • Wendi Watson

    i would love the skincare i have very fair skin and can always use some help from the uv rays

  • lilyk

    I would choose the skincare collection because my skin could use some pampering!