Men We Love: Prince Fielder

Anyone who knows me, through and through, knows how much I love professional sports. There’s nothing I like more than the competition, camaraderie, an athlete’s performance, and mental discipline of sports. I will admit that I am not a subscriber of ESPN Magazine, although I should be. They just released The Body Issue, which features 22 athletes posing nude. Quite the eye-catcher already, but even more so for me because baseball player Prince Fielder is on one of the six body-loving covers.

Before I go any further…thank you to for the heads up! You can read their article “ESPN Get’s It Right With Prince Fielder” for their point-of-view.

No…I’m not a fan of Prince Fielder or the Texas Rangers. Hellooooo…I’m a L.A. Dodgers fan (just had to put that out there!). What I am a fan of is body diversity and the fact that strength, health, and athletic ability come in all shapes and sizes. For those of you who watch baseball know that Fielder is considered a “big guy” or “husky” at 5’11 and 275 lbs.

If you’ve been following along to the social media chatter of Fielder’s cover, there has been much discussion on his weight and shape. There have been negative and positive comments coming his way. Unfortunately, this is something women are used to, in fact, it’s something we face every day. But, we don’t give much thought about it when it comes to men and what they have to go through. It’s not talked about often, although it’s there.

Fielder is not only an athlete, but he’s a dad, and a human being. He has a body that is similar to a lot of men out there. He plays a position in Major League Baseball that is one of the toughest on the field. He’s currently out recovering from surgery, but I can say he’s a power hitter and very agile on the defensive front.

I want to thank ESPN for stepping out of their comfort zone and putting Fielder on the cover. It’s a step in the right direction and a great way to celebrate body diversity. I don’t know about you, but I think he looks amazing and I couldn’t be prouder of him for putting his naked body out there.

So…haters…keep on hating. Yes, you’re hating. If you’re so bothered by his body or the way it looks, then don’t look. Simple. I think a lot of us like it just the way it is. Just saying.

Image courtesy of ESPN.
Image courtesy of ESPN.


  • i so agree i love baseball and futbol i am so glad that they did feature someone i can relate to. lol my significant other! im like see that can be you lol great post


      @jennifersawyer:disqus LOL! Yes! My hubby too!