Curvy Girl Travels My Road Trip Tips in Latina Magazine

Where are road warriors at? Who loves a good summer road trip? I just got back from one myself. Made a trip from Los Angeles to Phoenix. It was so much fun! If you’re planning your own road trip this summer, you just might want to pick up the August 2014 issue of Latina Magazine. Flip on through to their “Traditions through Travel” feature where I share my own road trip tips on behalf of Toyota! 


Writing for Latina magazine has been a goal of mine for a very long time. I’ve been reading the magazine since it was first published! So, you can imagine how excited I was when they reached out to hire me to write this travel piece. Most of you know that I love to travel and write about it, hence the “Curvy Girl Travels” posts on this blog.

In the article, I give you my opinion on five cities that would make great road trips. Then there’s a separate FREE Travel Companion Booklet, compliments of Toyota RAV4. You can read it here or you can download it via the Latina Magazine app (there’s a QR code you scan in the magazine). I hope these road trip tips come in handy when you hit the road this summer!


  • I am super excited for you i must read! i just moved to AZ and taking a road trip to LA !!! Hope you had fun.


      @jennifersawyer:disqus Thank you so much! I did have fun…even thought it was hot!! LOL!

      • yes tell me about it its so hot here lol im from the east coast i dont go outside until 6pm lol