10 Personal Style Tips That Will Inspire You

In the world of fashion, we are often told what we should and shouldn’t wear. As a blogger, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by women who don’t listen to those rules. But, instead listen to their heart and thrive in their own personal style. I’d like to think I’m one of those women. Someone who doesn’t let fashion dictate who they are, but rather just let’s it inspire them. 

I reached out to some of my friends in the plus size industry for their insight. I asked these ladies to share one of their personal style tips that they truly believe in and incorporate into their daily lives. Not only was I inspired by all of their responses, but it served as a reminder that we are all so different and that makes this world a truly beautiful place!

Do you have a personal style tip that you live by? Share it with us below!

‘Fashions Fade but Style is Eternal’ – “My number one tip is to always be true to your own personal style. Don’t fall into the trap of buying into a trend if you do not truly love it. Wear what works for you, not anyone else! This will not only save you money long-term, but will slowly create a capsule wardrobe for yourself that is full of pieces you will continue to wear for years. This is far more effective that a bunch of one-wear-wonder fashion pieces that might last you a couple of months! I also like to stick to my rule of ‘Can I style this piece with 5 items I already have?’ to keep my wardrobe safe from impulse (late night) purchases!”

Ashley Rose
Blog: www.thisisashleyrose.com
Instagram: @thisisashrose


“A great lip color and your hair done is key to always looking polished.”

Jessica Torres
Blog: www.tinyredshoes.com
Instagram: @tinyredshoes


“My #1 style tip: Think outside your personal box. Try something new, whether it’s a color you don’t normally wear or a silhouette you’ve been contemplating, but unsure of. Personal style is YOURS; have fun with it!”

Ivory Jinelle
Blog: www.ivoryjinelle.blogspot.com
Instagram: @ivoryjinelle


“Wear proper undergarments! Create a perfectly smooth canvas with underwear and shapewear that fits well and is appropriate for your ensemble, and make sure you are wearing the right bra size! This is the most important part of getting dressed and will change the way your clothes look and feel.”

Reah Norman
Blog: www.styledbyreah.com
Instagram: @reahnorman


“Add big sunglasses and red lipstick to any outfit and you get that instant fab factor. It’s great when you’re in a rush and can’t do a full face of makeup!” (Photo by sylviagphoto.com)

Blog: www.gabifresh.com
Instagram: @gabifresh


“Find a rule and break it. We are and have been so confined to “rules” that the self exploration through fashion seems sooo out of reach. Stripes are your friend. Bold patterns can stun. Intense hues can compliment- but you will never know if you do not try. Besides, you may unearth a new silhouette or trend that slays on your body!”

Marie Denee
Blog: www.thecurvyfashionista.com
Instagram: @mariedenee


“The key to style is being comfortable in what you are wearing and being comfortable in YOU. You can be wearing a beautiful sequin dress or a tee shirt and jeans – as long as you know who YOU are and your clothes fit you well, you will look just as good!”

Kelly Augustine
Blog: www.kellyaugustine.com
Instagram: @kellyaugustineb


“I love the beauty of dresses…there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who not only owns her curves, but is confident and feminine. I feel that the most elegant and glamorous time was the 1940’s and 1950’s. Women wore dresses with class and elegance. There was a sophistication to their style. I love to see women bring that out in a time where everything is a go and visible. Where standards have been lowered, lets leave a little to the imagination and remain true to a silhouette that accentuates the beauty of our body while being beautiful elegant and classy, like a true lady.”

Rosie Mercado
Website: www.rosiemercado.com
Instagram: @rosiemercado


“If there’s one item that deserves space in your wardrobe, it’s a chambray shirt! Wear it casually, dress it up, accessorize with a statement necklace or gorgeous handbag; a chambray shirt is as versatile as you want it to be. I wear mine so much, I’m pretty sure everyone around me is sick of seeing it. I don’t care; I’m a big girl and I’ll wear chambray if I want to!”

Amanda Allison
Blog: www.fashionloveandmartinis.com
Instagram: @amanda_allison


“The right undergarments are the most important part of any outfit. Visible panty lines, an ill-fitting bra or shapewear that is too tight and showing through your clothing are the ultimate ways to ruin your look. But you can make the simplest piece in your closet look like a million bucks with the right foundation.”

Blog: www.insidealliesworld.com
Instagram: @alliemcgev

  • Jewel

    love all this!


      Thank you @disqus_2tthbfGWk4:disqus!

  • I totally agree with all of the tips above. My biggest tips: 1: underwear – I totally agree with this one. Your bra is SO important. 2: Find an outfit that is your signature outfit (for me it’s coloured skinny jeans teamed with basic flowy button down shirts) and build a capsule wardrobe around this style. I never look in my closet and wonder what to wear and I have less pieces in my closet than I ever have before. 3: Accessorise! Omg you can elevate any outfit from basic to celeb glam with accessories. Scarves, wrist stacks, jewellery, the right shoes and bags – this is how Hollywood stylists get the stars outfits looking a step above the rest. 4. Finally always have flawless hair, skin and nails. You wear them with every outfit so they are your ultimate accessories. Look after them.


      Thank you for sharing your tips @tillymykat:disqus! 🙂

  • Yes, Yes. these are tips that every woman should follow.


      Thank you! @over40andfashionableblogspot:disqus

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