It’s Time to Reveal Your Best Self

I’m not perfect. Sometimes I have confidence issues at the most random moments. I frequently question myself. And I have body parts that I like to hide. I guess you can say I’m perfectly imperfect and I’m OK with that. I’m here to share with you what some might call “faults.” I’ve embraced them. That’s why I’m taking Nair’s pledge to “Reveal Your Best Self.” Will you?

This summer and from here on out, it’s all about revealing your best self. You should be confident and accept who you are as a person. OK, it might not be that easy at first. But, we can take baby steps. For example, whenever summer rolls around, I won’t wear anything above the knee. Seriously, when was the last time you saw me wear a pair of normal length shorts on this blog? Well, I’m done with the fear. This summer, I promise I will rock a pair of shorts above the knee proudly! And thanks to Nair I’ll have some pretty smooth legs while I’m doing it.


I had a chance to try out Nair’s Moroccan Argan Oil Sprays Away No Touch Spray and I’m pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it and if it would work on my stubborn leg hair. But, it did! It sprays on evenly and doesn’t drip. There is a little bit of tingling going on after a few minutes, but nothing too severe. After wiping it off and rinsing with water, I had soft and smooth legs, no irritation. That’s what you’re seeing in the photo above. This will definitely come in handy this summer…when I’m owning the world of shorts!




Nair Like Never Before.


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