5 Fun Ways to Relieve Stress

I had a revelation the other day and it was on a roller coaster. Man, screaming my lungs out at maximum capacity sure makes me feel a lot better afterwards. Especially, when it’s doing something fun. Like scaring the crap out of myself on a speeding theme park ride. And let’s be real. We all have stress in our lives. If you don’t, you’re either extremely lucky or you’re lying to yourself. Whatever the case, here are five fun ways to relieve stress (without hurting anyone).

OK…on a side note…this photo below (from my personal Instagram account) wasn’t on some super scary roller coaster, but from the ride in Cars Land at California Adventure. It was a speedy little ride! And it was super fun! Sometimes that’s all it takes to relieve some stress!

Roller Coaster Ridin’

Visit one of any theme parks in your area and get on the scariest roller coaster you can find and just scream your lungs out. No one will think you’re crazy, because hello!, it’s super normal to do this when you’re hitting those loops or speeding down the track. Or you can tackle any ride (ahem) that’s fun!

Punching Bag

Find a punching bag…an actual punching bag now. Not a person. And just go to town. Letting all of your aggression and any negative energy out. Believe me, you’ll feel better.


Turn on your favorite comedy television or movie (for me it’s Stepbrothers), go see a comedy show (for me Dave Chapelle), or just grab that one person who makes you laugh your butt off. I’m not talking about a chuckle or giggle either. I’m talking about that laughter that brings you to tears.

You’ve Got to Move it Move it!

I admit I’m not the world’s greatest dancer, but if it’s just me and some Salsa music…forget about it. It’s over. Just close you’re bedroom door, blare the music, and dance like no one is watching. Leave it all out on your bedroom dance floor.

Get Some Lovin’

OK…now you can interpret this as you want. Whether it’s (safe) sex, a hug, a make out session, or anything in this area—it’s bound to be a fun way to relieve stress. And if it doesn’t…I’m sorry?

What are some of your fun ways to relieve stress?

**Please Note: I’m not a medical professional. If you’re feeling super stressed out please seek professional help. These tips are provided for entertainment purposes only.**

  • I feel stressed all the time, music and singing off key always helps me haha, dancing too. I have to give some of these a try.