10 Favorites: Big & Tall

When it comes to shopping for big and tall clothing for the hubby, it can be a challenge. I know I’m not alone in this and I’ve said it before. Everyone knows how hard it is to find stylish clothing for men—that’s not too trendy. Especially, in the stores. That’s why I went online and found 10 favorites that would be perfect for late spring and summer.  A lot of my choices below are from Ralph Lauren, who has an awesome big and tall selection by the way. Now, I just have to get the hubby’s approval and order him a few pieces. Not sure he’ll go for so much color, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Which of my 10 favorites below do you like? 

big-and-tall-mens-fashion 1.Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Chambray Workshirt 2. Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Lightweight Short 3. Polo Ralph Lauren® Classic 5-Pocket Poplin Pants 4. Big Men’s Yarn Dye Engineered Stripe Tank Top 5. Stafford® Linen-Cotton Sport Coat 6. Land’s End Sail Rigger Oxford Shirt 7. Polo Ralph Lauren East Hampton Swim Trunks 8. The Rail Colorblock Pocket T-Shirt 9. Wanderer S/S Button Down 10. Old Navy Men’s Striped Tanks

  • Very much dig #2 – the RL shorts are great!


      I love #2!! @Chubstr:disqus but the hubby said “no” on those. LOL!

  • dede