Pineapple Print Perfection

Sure pineapple’s are sweet, delicious, and remind us of sitting on a beach sipping a piña colada. Mmmmmmmm…Anyways, did you know the pineapple print trend is ready to invade? Well, apparently it is. Because, I found a lot of it…yes even a few pieces for us plus size gals. And of course I had to share it with you here. Below, you’ll find a few ways you can show your love and support to the tropical fruit. 

I personally love the shoes, that cuff, and the hat. OK, I probably wouldn’t wear the hat, but isn’t it cute? Whenever I see a print like this, I immediately wonder if it’s “too young” and if it would look better on someone half my age. Then I remember…what the? I can wear whatever I want! (See…that’s how I talk to myself.) It’s easy to have fun with the pineapple print trend. I can see myself wearing that cuff with a white dress. Or the shoes with a pair of white ankle denim and a tank. Simply pineapple print perfection.

Which pineapple print item would you wear below? How would you style it? Or are you not a fan of the pineapple print trend?
pineapple print trend

1. Forever 21 Pineapple Dream Headphones 2. ASOS Dizzy Sneakers 3. New Look Inspire Pineapple Print Tee 4. ModCloth Perfect Pina Coladas Dress 5. ASOS Pineapple Watch 6. ASOS iPhone 5 Case In Pineapple Shape 7. Forever 21 Pineapple Dream Bikini Set 8. ASOS CURVE T-Shirt With Polka Dot and Pineapple Print 9. Stella Jean Unica Cuff 10. Forever 21 Pineapple Frenzy 5-Panel Cap 11. Anna Coroneo Pineapple-print silk scarf 12. DV8 Quirk It Sneaker in Palm Leaves 13. ASOS Pineapple Necklace