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Zelie for She

If there’s one thing I love about Elann Zelie, the designer and founder of Zelie for She, it’s her passion for her craft. I know her personally and I can tell you that she loves what she does and it shows in her designs. And if you haven’t checked out her latest collection then you’re missing out on some fabulousness. Just saying.

The collection, which is available now for pre-order, was inspired by a fashion icon and designed by a fashion lover. It has this urban Parisian touch, that only a city girl like Elann could design. From tulle, tweed, off-the-shoulder crop tops, to her signature bralette—there’s a little something for all of the fashionistas out there. FYI…I’m dying over the Whimsical set. It’s gorgeous!

I had a chance to ask Elann a few questions about the collection. Read the interview below. Zelie for She

Who is Zelie for She designed for?

“Zelie for She is designed for all the curvy gals that like to change their style all the time! Thats why each collection has a different theme! Its all about playing dress up!”

What was your inspiration behind this latest collection?

“My newest collection was inspired by Ms. Coco Chanel herself. I love tweed and I love matching sets. To me its one of those styles that is missing in the plus size fashion industry. A nice tailored set that can easily be used throughout our closet. You can wear it as a set or wear as a separate. I also love the timeless appeal that Chanel gives and I do think that every piece in this collection can last throughout your lifetime. It’s a timeless kind of collection!”

What’s your favorite piece(s) from this collection?

“I’m in love with the shorts set with the matching jacket. I’m all about that for this summer!”

Any hints on what we can expect from your next collection?

“Let’s just say the next collection is going to be some Boho Hippie Fun!”

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Zelie for She Zelie for She

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