How to Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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The countdown to Mother’s Day is on and I think it might be time to start shopping for her gift. She used to be a little hard to shop for. Well…kind of. I’ve always known that her favorite color is red and that she loves the bling and sparkle of jewelry. But, there’s always a need to find her that perfect Mother’s Day gift. Even though I know she’ll love whatever I decide to give her.

1513321_10152091595886885_1565531899_n Say hello to my mama Judy! She’s all mine and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. OK, I have to share her with my little brother, but we all know I’m her favorite. I wouldn’t say we have the perfect relationship—I don’t think I’d want that anyways. Sounds kind of boring to me. Instead, I think we have a beautifully interesting relationship. One that we both love and understand. That’s all that really matters anyways. She loves me unconditionally and would move the world to help me. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

When I’m shopping for her Mother’s Day gift there are a few guidelines I follow on finding something I know she’ll love and appreciate. I had a chance to put together two eBay collections that are perfect examples of her favorite things in life—anything that’s red or sparkles. Thankfully those are easy gifts to shop for!

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Here are a few of my ways to find that perfect Mother’s Day gift:

  • Listen up: I always pay extra attention on our daily phone calls as we get closer to Mother’s Day. She may  mention or hint at something she’s been wanting to get, try out, or is interested in. Take notes if you have to.
  • Ask Her Significant Other: There’s no easier way than to ask her other half what she needs, wants, or just get their opinion on what they think she would love.
  • Visit Memory Lane: Try to reach way back in that memory of yours and recreate a special moment from when you were a kid. Maybe take her to a special place you would visit together or gift her something with a sentimental touch.
  • DIY Time: A mom will always and forever love anything their child makes by hand. Don’t be afraid to get crafty.
  • Research Gift Guides: Make sure you do some online research. Plan ahead of time and visit sites like eBay’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide. They have tons of ideas!
  • Get to the Point: If all else fails, just ask her what she wants. Sometimes the perfect gift is exactly what she’s wishing for. No guessing needed.
My mom, my little brother, and me.
My mom, my little brother, and me.
What are your tips for finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day?
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  • Eva Smith™

    Great list! I especially love your Red Gifts for mom.